During Fleet Week, helping hands for a senior lunch

Service members at the Carter Burden Luncheon Club. Photo courtesy of the Carter Burden Network

Twenty active duty service men and women, in town for Fleet Week, dropped by the Carter Burden Luncheon Club & Senior Program on Thursday, May 23, 2019 to volunteer their time, prepping and serving lunch at the Club and delivering meals to homebound Upper East Side senior citizens.

Represented in the group were members of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard stationed mainly in North Carolina, DC, and Maryland. This is the third year that military volunteers stopped by the Luncheon Club, a program of the Carter Burden Network, for a day of community service.

William Dionne, Executive Director of the Carter Burden Network, said, “Every year on Memorial Day, the nation stops to remember fallen members of the military who gave their lives so we can live in freedom. But, the visit to our Luncheon Club by these active service members from the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard gives us the chance to thank these brave men and women — in person — for their service to our nation. Their volunteer work, compassion and caring will long be remembered.”

The service men and women received a rousing round of grateful applause from more than 150 older New Yorkers who participated in Thursday’s lunch program.