Nourishing talk

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  • The Central Park Mall earlier this Thanksgiving Week. Photo: subherwal, via flickr

And first, hear this, how inordinately grateful I am for you, dear readers, of this newspaper. You know that local news matters most to everyday life. And if politics are “talked” on these holiday or any gatherings, focus on those who “rule” everyday life — government, yes, but also those within media, civic, faith and medical institutions.

Endless thanks, of course, to our advertisers and those who support them — without whom ...

Those who write letters to editor and columnists also deserve kudos. But many elders still lack internet — so here’s to savvy-tech family, friends, neighbors and volunteers arranging access. Imagine — those who may need it most.

Ah, but some surveys find pols are more responsive to phone calls than to emails.

A lot to talk about, and not least, why some are too much alone — not only on holidays — and what “love one another” faith groups especially should do. And not only for those who might be alone is the annual Thanksgiving Day dinner at the St. Stephen of Hungary School Auditorium on East 82nd Street, between York and First, at 1:30 p.m.. Contact St. Monica’s Parish Center for a $5 dollar ticket — soon (212-288-6250). There is wheelchair access and great home cooking. And here’s to a little more community-building conversation, too.

Oops, is that too many directives? OK, let’s just have another piece of pie — make it pumpkin! Incidentally, columnists sure do get weary trying to make things better and are not so not thankful for “Happiness is a Choice You Make,” the new book by John Leland based on his Times series about several “oldest/old” New Yorkers’ lives. Incidentally, 85-plussers are the city’s fastest growing age group, but Leland’s elders often laugh when they should cry over great tragedy, illness and injustice. We believe it’s sort of what society tells them to do and to say “Better not to think about those bad things.” So nothing gets changed...

But needed change is what series of boomer/senior forums sponsored by state Sen. Liz Krueger have always sought — mostly by people sharing hard truths about the system making getting older unaffordable and also “uncaring.” But her recent forum about what boomer/seniors must do to avoid the “uncaring” or specifically, the panel’s on loneliness, now thought as threatening to life and health as smoking.

While a recent blow to my central nervous system also spiked more hearing loss, the speakers’ message was that it’s up to the senior group especially to “get out there” and take advantage of the many activities, social and otherwise, to offset loneliness. But what about the 85-plussers whose mobility is often limited, and who may need help “getting there”? Anywhere.

And speaking of “government for the people,” those invitations to various pols’ holiday parties don’t consider that either. So let’s ask and even demand that they do.

But gee, I sure do get weary being so serious, which, can you imagine, some people call being “too critical.” So, it’s your turn — while I run (I wish) to get some more pumpkin pie.

And to stress again how those holiday dinners desperately need recipes for what’s said “over the plate.” Now, we only get the kind for what’s served “on top the plate” — if ever a balance were needed — so nobody is left out. And there would be less over-eating, not to mention over-drinking, even violence, if nourishing words were the rule ... followed by related actions. Ah, that deserves columns and volumes — and we also need to hear it from you, dear readers.

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