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  • Sarge’s on Third Ave. has “Treats for Your Pet,” such that $17.95 will get Fido chicken, beef or beef liver with “no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial coloring.” The Murray Hill deli’s menu promises that “your dog will be begging for more!” Photo: Eden, Janine and Jim via flickr

Not for nothing — Gristedes has inaugurated a Diamond Value Club, which purportedly entitles shoppers to discounts. So that it’s not a total loss — for Gristedes — they raised prices and THEN instituted the discount membership. At the end of the shopping day, you’ve paid what was probably the original price. Sounds like a casino deal, where the house always wins.

For pet’s sake — Sarge’s, the 24/7 deli and dinner in Murray Hill, has a menu selection for one and all — for the grown-ups, the kids, the light eaters, the hearty appetites and also the family pooch. While the brick-and-mortar Sarge’s doesn’t accommodate Fido, they’ve made a place on the menu for yes, Fido. Just go to, plug in Sarge’s, and you’ll find “Treats for Your Pet.” For $17.95, you can order chicken, beef or beef liver ... without additives, preservatives or artificial coloring for your beloved pet. And the menu promises that “your dog will be begging for more.” Could this be the end of doggie bags as we know them?

Off the job — A city street-sized wastebasket imprinted with a “34th Street Partnership” ID, lying on its side, found itself in traffic within the bus stop at Sixth Avenue and 34th Street. Cars avoided it. Pedestrians sidestepped it. Some tried to kick it onto the sidewalk. Among passersby were two men wearing tags indicating that they worked for the Partnership. As they were crossing the street, they looked over at the wastebasket and each other, lit their cigarettes, and kept walking. Guess no working on a smoke break.

Which comes first — Talk about eclectic! There are three unlikely storefronts side-by-side starting mid-block on the east side of Lexington Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets — Gregory’s Coffee (a sit-down/take-out coffee shop), Hudson Allergy (allergy doctors who “invite you to come experience how feeling better begins the moment you walk through [their] door”), and Dr. Smood — a non-medical nutrition-type healthy food emporium where the offerings include everything organic — from detox juice and infused waters to dried foods, supplements and raw foods. Where to start? It’s a predicament, really. At the allergy doctor’s? The coffee shop? The health food shop? Not the kind of thing you want to think about on a lunch break. Or do you?

Reader call out — Some readers admonished me for not noticing or mentioning or bemoaning the closings of the Starbucks on 92nd and Third Avenue and the Starbucks on 78th and Lexington while noting the closing of Glaser’s Bakery and wondering if Moishe’s bakery in the East Village was not far behind in closing. Happens that I noticed the newly closed Starbucks on 92nd Street just after submitting my column but didn’t notice the 78th Street closing until days later. Must admit though that I would not necessarily have written about the Starbucks closings in the same column item. Glaser’s and Moishe’s are what I’d characterize as mom-and-pop shops, which Starbucks is not. At least for now, there always will be a Starbucks. Sometimes a block or two apart. Not so for a Glaser’s or a Moishe’s. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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