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No can do — CB8’s chairwoman broke the cardinal rule of keeping politics out of governmental meetings by allowing a then-political candidate challenging U.S, Rep. Carolyn Maloney for her Congressional seat in the recent Democratic primary to address the board. The candidate spoke against the Marine Transfer Station, a hot-button issue for many Upper East Siders. Someone at CB8’s monthly meeting disputed the candidate’s seemingly newfound advocacy against the facility and reminded him that, when he was out campaigning, he said that the MTS was “a done deal” and “to get over it.” As the wannabe congressman backtracked, he was cut off by another audience member, not by the chairwoman, who later acknowledged knowing the speaker was running for political office when he spoke. Political candidates are not allowed to campaign at Community Board meetings. Let’s keep it that way.

Diner down — Timothy’s on York Ave opposite Asphalt Green bit the dust. Is no more. With the bus stops along the avenue and the busy sports facility, seems a likely spot for a casual food place. On second thought, brick-and-mortar food business in remote locations are not high priority — remote, of course, being relative. The corner of York has a great deal of foot traffic but is not a dining destination per se. Another food spot, The Vinegar Factory around the corner from Timothy’s, left the block about a year ago.

Changing spaces — first they’re out, then they’re in — Domino’s Pizza, a stalwart for some years on Third and 89th, has moved to First and 95th. In the last year Roma’s Pizza on Third and 88th moved several storefronts north to a larger space. Kind of like musical stores — but at least they are still in business and staying local. Panera’s on East 86th Street is gone. No local replacement. Just a notice saying see us in our other locations. Will do.

Conflict of ads — interesting ad, or faux pas — the Metropolitan Republican Club’s e-blast for former TV Judge Jeanine Pirro’s new book, “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” came with an events calendar promoting Pirro’s tome and upcoming events, including a launch party and town hall meeting for a local State Senate candidate Pete Holmberg. Interestingly, the blast included a link with ads for Democratic primary (November election) candidates. And there was Pirro, President Trump cheerer-in-chief, appearing alongside Democratic candidates Alessandra Biaggi (running for Assembly in the Bronx) and Liz Handidge (running for office in Pennsylvania). The Dem ads were in the section of the email under “other events you may be interested in.” Interesting, maybe. Odd, for sure.

Street protest — When are the city streets in Manhattan going to finally be finally paved? For weeks, months — not yet years — the street have been tarred and peebled but hardly paved. Walking and traversing the streets — to say nothing of the bumps and grinds that result from cars and buses and bikes as they ride the pavement — is a dangerous daily activity. Come to think of it, the sidewalks with all the scaffolding and boarding up to accommodate new construction also are no comfort.

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