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If ever there was a blessing in disguise. It’s the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped 3 miles down in a Thailand cave. That’s because it brought the whole world together for almost three weeks, overcame the perilous divisions doing us in, locally, nationally, internationally. And also personally. And, yes, it rather relates to last week’s op-ed piece in this paper, “Why I’m Not Ashamed to Move Back in With My Parents,” which counters a societal no-no, even during a time we might call the affordable housing crisis. Now, don’t stop reading ...

First, boundless thanks to Madison Avenue Presbyterian associate pastor, the Rev. Beverly Bartlett, for alerting me to the meditation Rx which kept these boys, age 12 to 16, relatively calm and hopeful during this grueling ordeal and super-miraculous rescue. And how grateful is the world that their soccer coach, who unwittingly got them into this trap, was a former Hindu monk and a specialist in mediation techniques.

And surely we must remember this, to, yes, save the world along with the heroic efforts of divers, especially Saman Gunan, a former Thai Navy Seal diver, who lost his life delivering oxygen tanks to the trapped boys and their coach.

And the lesson we might act upon is to make meditation a part of our daily lives and beyond, way beyond. And also to find lost boys everywhere, and to cultivate that village that will teach them those important life’s lessons.

Governor Cuomo just dedicated megabucks for city and state sport activities as an alternative to joining youth gangs. Ah, but what’s also needed is exposure to meditation techniques and conflict resolution skills which also help the families they need to stay together.

But grandparents must be part of this mission and why isn’t Matilda Cuomo’s tireless children’s education work ever mentioned by her son? She was once awarded by this paper for her tireless work in that so needed endeavor and recently awarded by the Savoy Foundation for her work on behalf of “underserved youth. The American History Women’s Hall of Fame recently inducted Matilda Cuomo.

And here’s to taking a lesson from Bartlett, the Madison Avenue Presbyterian associate pastor, who believes in meditation to calm and direct us. Let’s follow her example in doing a twice daily 10-minute meditation. Remind me!


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