Resurrecting the common good

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Ah, if only the millions who viewed the royal wedding had also seen the funeral of America’s noble son, Senator John McCain. There was so much to learn, above all to emulate, Especially by our leaders. But also by you and me. A maverick view maverick McCain might have taken. He crossed all lines for the common good — the common good.

And how very good it was to see the National Cathedral’s pews packed with people — power people.

And how good it was to see “brothers and sisters dwelling in unity” — former Presidents and first ladies Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. and Laura Bush, and Bill and Hillary Clinton seated side-by-side. Differences, for the occasion at least, all forgotten. And how very good to see enduring marriages. And don’t we need those — and the forgiveness it sometimes takes. Again, for the common good.

Also in the front row, seated in a wheelchair, was John McCain’s mother, Roberta, seated next to granddaughter Meghan who would give a most emotional and fiery tribute to her beloved father. Like her dad, she was fearless in criticizing the current commander in chief. In essence, she said her dad’s foremost duty was to speak against whatever wrongdoing he saw working against the common good. And he never hesitated to cross party lines to achieve that.

And his tearful daughter stressed how grateful she was to have such an actively caring father. And don’t we need those, for boys especially.

But oh how the tributes from Obama, Bush, Clinton, Lieberman, Kissinger, all speaking about the myriad ways in which the senator was such a genuine leader and able to look at the complete picture.

And again the McCain tributes must stay out there as role model behavior, for not only leaders but for the citizenry who must hold every ruler’s feet to the fire as McCain so magnificently did. And never forget his wartime service and the unspeakable 5-year suffering he endured in a North Vietnamese prison. Never forget how so heroically he wouldn’t take early release and leave fellow Americans behind. Imagine.

And imagine the 5-year agony suffered by his mother and father until his release, but not without lasting injuries which reportedly only spiked an innate drive to, yes, tirelessly work for the common good.

We need to hear McCain’s amazingly healthy albeit very elder mother, Roberta, speak to this most critical of all world concerns — peace. Speak about the countless ways that war is the worst kind of hell and the desperate need for leaders whose foremost concern is to keep the peace — to work without cease for peace that is lasting and just.

So please add this to the myriad common good lessons gleaned from John McCain’s funeral which so need to get and stay out there — everywhere. Yes, a most maverick directive, but his funeral should be required viewing and studying for a just, peaceable, COMMON GOOD kind of world. It can be done if enough of us try.

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