22-Year-Old Man Shot Dead Near Times Square, Manhunt Underway for Killer

Both victim and two suspects were said to be involved in the drug world. Police are said to know who the shooter is and have launched a manhunt to locate him. Both shooter and victim are said to be involved in the area thriving drug trade.

| 12 Feb 2023 | 09:04

A 22 year old man staggered for a block after being shot outside a Shake Shack on Feb. 9 at the corner of Eighth Ave. and 44th St. before collapsing inside a deli a block away. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sources identified the victim as Idrissa Siby, although cops had not formally released his name at the time of writing.

Police sources say the victim as well as the chief suspect in the homicide is known to police and manhunt is underway to try to find the shooter. Two suspects who were seeing fleeing after the shooting down Eighth Ave. and then west on 43rd St.

The victim was transported to Mount Sinai West where he succumbed to his injuries from a bullet wound to his chest. .

The shooting occurred around 5:30 pm on Feb. 9. Will Colon, a witness on the scene the evening of the murder, told the Daily News, “It was a couple of young dudes who shot him.”

Police were said to have used video from a nearby hotel where the suspects were staying. “He knows what he did and he probably is not sticking around,” said one police source. “He could be anywhere at this point.”

He knows what he did and is probably not sticking around. He could be anywhere at this point.” Police source on the identity of a killer involved in Times Sq. shooting.