8 Reasons Why Working at a Summer Camp is the Best First Job

From work and leadership to fun and friendship, being a camp counselor offers important skills needed in any career

| 01 Mar 2022 | 01:55

Gain unparalleled job experience while also having the time of your life? Sounds impossible. But working at a day or overnight camp as a camp counselor will allow you to gain important skills that will be needed in any career while also experiencing a truly unique opportunity that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out these eight ways working at a summer camp will be the greatest job you ever had.

Learn Work Skills in a Supportive Environment – There will never be a more supportive work environment than working at camp. Camp is a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment where the camp leadership team wants to see everyone succeed. If you make a mistake at your job, they are going to make sure it is a teachable moment that you will learn from.

Gain Leadership Skills – What other first job allows you to be a leader in the first few days on the job? As a camp counselor, you are responsible for your campers. You need to make sure they get dressed in time for breakfast at overnight camp or make sure they get to their bus on time at day camp. You are given a huge amount of responsibility within the first days of camp and you will gain so much experience in this leadership role.

Problem Solving Skills – Working at camp gives you many opportunities to problem solve, which is a skill you will need in any future job. Perhaps the evening activity you planned just isn’t working out—you have to think on your feet and switch to something that the kids will enjoy. Maybe it starts raining in the middle of a soccer game—it’s your job to get the campers out of the rain and switch to an indoor activity.

Be Outdoors While Gaining Experience – You can sit behind a desk all summer at an internship OR you can learn skills while working outside all summer! From practicing communication skills by working with others to being creative while writing a song for the evening camp fire, you are working on important job skills throughout the summer while outdoors in the sun. Who knew work could be so fun!

Be Silly – Seriously, what other job encourages silliness? Whether it’s dressing up for a theme day or trying to make your bunk of campers laugh, being silly is encouraged and having fun is a must at camp!

Be A Role Model – By being a camp counselor, you will automatically become a role model to dozens of children who will think everything you do is cool. Working at camp allows you to have a profound influence on so many young people, perhaps changing their lives without even knowing it!

Love your Summer Job – Summer work doesn’t need to be boring. Swimming, playing sports, participating in the staff talent show or singing around the camp fire are just some of the fun you will have among campers and peers.

Make Amazing Lifelong Friends – Making new friends isn’t just for the campers! Working at camp, you will be surrounded by dozens of people your age and will bond quickly in the family-like setting of camp.

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