Senior Travel is Back

Where to go for a day trip, a weekend away and a week-long excursion

| 20 Jul 2021 | 04:13

While the world is still reeling from the impact of COVID, many of last year’s domestic travel pandemic barriers have vanished. While international destinations continue with restrictions for 2021, US travel offers myriad opportunities. Although most transport modes, hotels, dining venues and attractions are operating at pre-pandemic levels, there are definitive changes since last year. And seniors want to get out there. According to AARP research, 54% of boomers plan to travel this year. Want to experience a trip for a day, a long weekend, or a week? Come along. If you don’t drive or fly, buses, trains and car services are an alternative.

A Day in Hudson and the Mid-Hudson Valley

For a day trip, the city of Hudson offers an appealing visit 120 miles north of Manhattan; two hours by Amtrak or car; restored dwellings, great restaurants, and unique cultural attractions await.

With that in mind, and a day’s rental car, I drove with two senior friends to the Mid-Hudson Valley. If you are driving, there are four distinct routes, two on each side of the Hudson; taxis are available in Hudson if you travel there by train.

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Pittsburgh: A Weekend of Culture

Pittsburgh, formerly a city of grey skies and steel production, is filled with culture and cuisine, worth at least a three-day trip by car, bus, train or airplane. Once there, you can get around easily by walking, taxis, a good transit network, bike-share, even funiculars, if you are so inclined.

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Beyond Denver: A Week on the Front Range

We chose a Southwest Airlines nonstop from LaGuardia’s Terminal B (hint: a lot of walking!) to Denver. Southwest exceeded expectations with an almost brand-new, spotless Boeing 737, crewed with great staff. Upon arrival at Denver International Airport, we took the convenient train service to Union Station. Rather than renting a car at the airport, an Avis SUV rented at a city location saved hundreds of dollars for the week. For our planned itinerary to Cheyenne and Colorado Springs, a car rental was necessary.

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