A Moment of Joy in Chelsea

New volunteer group #NYCNext hosts first pop-up event in a series

| 26 Sep 2020 | 10:31

On Friday, September 25, #NYCNext, a group of committed New Yorkers from all sectors, hosted its first live pop-up event in Chelsea. The all-volunteer effort aims to bring creative energy and economic support to all boroughs and neighborhoods in NYC in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Award-winning musicians jazz musicians ElioVillafranca (piano), Roxy Coss (tenor sax), Peter Slavov (acoustic bass) and Francisco Mela (drums) came together on 21st Street and Ninth Ave. to perform and support fellow New Yorkers by sharing a moment of creativity and joy.

Before the event, Villafranca said, “My performance will include original compositions that are in part related to this moment in history and music created by us on the spot, reacting to the scene. I’m excited to perform this music, for the first time, to a transient audience.”

According to one of the organizers, a passerby in Chelsea inquired about the event, and upon hearing about it said, “Only in New York,” and dropped money in the tip jar.

In a statement, #NYCNext said: “We want to position NYC as the creative and innovative city that will spark its next great era through the resilience and creativity of its residents. This is not a profit-making endeavor; any funds we raise will pay for the hard costs of the event, including paying the artists who are supporting each performance.”

For more information about #NYCNEXT: www.NYCNext.org