Bellevue Escape: Suspect Being Treated for Stab Wound Flees Custody

Christopher Miller slipped out of the Kips Bay hospital after police took him into custody on an active warrant, authorities said. Doctors had ordered him temporarily uncuffed in order to correctly treat him. He remains on the lam.

| 07 Feb 2024 | 11:06

A 23 year-old man being treated for stab wounds at Bellevue fled just before 4 a.m. on Feb. 3, after police took him into custody at the Kips Bay hospital on an active warrant. Doctors had reportedly told the cops to temporarily uncuff Christopher Miller, a Harlem resident, in order to suitably treat him for his injuries.

Before slipping out one of the hospital’s side doors, Miller reportedly made his way down a hospital hallway. Surveillance footage that the NYPD says depicts the escaped man shows him using a cane. It remains unclear why he is wanted for arrest.

Miller is not the only criminal suspect that has made a Houdini-like escape from a Manhattan hospital in recent months.

Last August, 44 year-old Yenchun Chen made a bolt from Mount Sinai’s Beth Israel, where he was being treated for chest pains that he experienced during a court appearance on drug possession charges. In a remarkable sequence of events, he tied together a string of bed sheets to rappel down the front of the E. 16th St. hospital, before hailing a taxi and speeding off downtown.

More than a month later, Chen was found asleep on his friend’s couch in Long Island City. He was retaken into custody.