Down Come the Barricades

Council Member Julie Menin, NYPD remove barriers from East End Avenue

| 14 Jan 2022 | 06:44

Barricades on East End Avenue, as well as in and around Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Mansion, have long plagued Upper East Siders in the area, according to City Council Member Julie Menin, whose district, District 5, encompasses the neighborhood of Yorkville. Now, the NYPD has removed some of the barricades — which have been used during protests but remained over the past few years even when such events were not in action — from the sidewalk on East End Avenue in favor of relocating them elsewhere, in collaboration with the new Council Member.

“I am thrilled to work with the NYPD to deliver this win for the neighborhood,” Menin told Our Town. “For years, these barricades have obstructed our public space.”

Menin’s office had received requests from dozens of local community members that the barricades be moved to areas where they would pose less of a disruption, with some noting that the barricades took park space away from locals. On Friday afternoon, Menin met with Commanding Officer of the 19th Precinct Inspector Melissa Eger and other NYPD officials to work toward a solution.

Moving forward, the NYPD will continue to work with Menin to free up public space in the neighborhood.

“Removing some of these [barricades] from East End and changing storage spaces will allow the community to reclaim some of this public space and improve quality of life for all,” Menin said.