‘IN TOON’ at Logos Bookstore

| 21 Jan 2021 | 10:21

Drawing Board contributor Peter Pereira has published books of his characteristic work: “New York IN TOON” and “IN TOON TOO.”

Throughout the 2000s, neighborhood book clubs, people and artistic events inspired Pereira’s original cartoon, illustration and photography narratives for “IN TOON,” many of which first appeared in Our Town, The West Side Spirit, Chelsea News and Our Town Downtown.

“IN TOON” and “IN TOON TOO” were published in April 2020 on Amazon and are now for sale at Logos Bookstore on York Ave. Due to COVID, book signings have been postponed. But Pereira thanks owner Harris Healy as a friend who has appeared “both as a regular Toon and host to so many magical and essential New York events.”

Website: https://petergpereira.com/