Letters to the Editor

| 29 Dec 2021 | 01:33


My puppy has gone missing since December 20. He is a 10 to 15 pound cockapoo, reddish brown in color with a white snout and long ears. He looks like a teddy bear. Yesterday, someone saw him with a man on the 1 train. He was carrying Max and got on the West 125th Street station and got off at West 96th Street. The man transferred for the 1 train headed downtown. So at this point, Max can be anywhere.

I have posted this everywhere but I need to get more help. We are heartbroken. Thank you so much.

Sara Dimaggio

Washington Heights


I am submitting this Letter to the Editor in reaction to the AP article in the December 23-29 edition of Our Town about Martin Scorsese and the Martin Scorsese Institute at NYU.

Prior to joining New York Life (20 years ago this month!), I spent some 30+ years in the media industry in creative and senior management. I had received a Master of Arts degree at New York University from the Department of Television, Motion Pictures, and Radio. This was 1962-1964. While my major area of study was television, all students were required to take at least one course in the other two disciplines than their major. I took one radio production course and one film production course. In the film course, non-film majors were on the production crew. The film majors were the producer-directors. There were 3 or 4 production teams in the class that semester. The director of my team said, “The director of that team over there is going to be a big film director some day!” Yes, it was Martin Scorsese.

Aaron Shelden

Upper East Side