Letters to the Editor

| 16 Sep 2022 | 11:05

Underground History

It was one year ago in September 2021 that the NYC Transit Authority opened a new underground passageway between Bryant Park and Times Square Station shuttle platform. It connected the Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue and Broadway 42nd Street subway stations.

But why stop there? Few remember the underground passageway along Sixth Avenue which went as far north as 42nd Street. As a teenager, I remember avoiding the rain and snow by using this indoor path. It would provide easy access to both the New York public library main branch and Stern’s 42nd Street department store.

The passageway connecting the 34th and 42nd Street Sixth Avenue subway stations was closed decades ago by NYC Transit. If reopened today, commuters would have easier connections to the Broadway N, R, Q & W and 6th Avenue B, D, F & M subway lines along with the PATH system – rather than walking outside on the street exposed to both inclement weather and heavy vehicular traffic.

How disappointing that the old Sixth Avenue midtown underground corridor, which previously provided transit options for thousands of rush hour commuters, continues to remain inaccessible after so many decades.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, NY

Lights On All Night

Is there a valid reason for the 24/7 lit windows in the 15 story facade of the former Salvation Army Nursing Home at 95th and West End Avenue? Who is footing that electric bill? Hope it is not the West Side Taxpayer.

Mariana Fodor

Upper West Side