Letters to the Editor

| 14 Apr 2021 | 05:30


As far as I am concerned, the ultimate goal is to vaccinate the vast majority of individuals, irrespective of their origin and their inappropriate seeking in another venue of the life saving vaccine. Certainly it is a tribute to the drug companies that they now are in position to supply excess doses of the needed vaccine. With many denying the vaccination, certainly the use of vaccine doses by those less fortunate for whatever reason deserve vaccination. For individuals who come from other locations, the opportunity to experience the charms of New York City is a boon to them as tourists and the bottom line for businesses in New York City. Everyone profits from vaccine tourism. Relax and accept it.

Nelson Marans

Upper West Side

IF there really WERE adequate vaccines for ALL New Yorkers, and if and ONLY IF, fees from BOTH domestic and global vaccine tourism, were allocated and deposited to and for the health of ALL New Yorkers, then this could be a viable option towards our recovery. With many conditions, as noted, it could be a part of our recovery.

Catherine M. Perebinossoff



As a longtime Village resident and someone who spends a good bit of time in Washington Square Park, I am wondering why there is a sudden influx of bicycle riders in the park. As if the increase in skate boarders wasn’t bad enough, we now have a good number of young men recklessly riding bikes, usually in that “look Ma, no front wheel touching the ground” style. They speed thru the center of the park, around the circle and up and down the paths heedless of the folks walking around. It feels like trying to cross a busy thoroughfare in rush hour without getting hit. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, were never allowed to be ridden in the park (as per the posted park regulations) and people were asked to walk their wheels in and out. There certainly is a huge police presence if there is even the smallest of demonstrations, so where are the cops when you need them? I hope you can look into this.

Susan Whitney

Greenwich Village