Levine Announces Community Board Appointments

Diverse picks highlight underrepresented segments of Manhattan’s communities

| 18 May 2022 | 12:30

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine announced his 2022 class of community board appointments – the first since taking over the Manhattan Borough President Office in January. Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards are composed of 50 volunteer members each serving staggered two-year terms with 25 members appointed (or reappointed) each year. For 2022 the MBPO received 885 applications for the 319 appointments open this cycle. Of those, 91 are first-time appointments to the boards. Half of all appointments were recommended by the City Council Members to boards representing their respective districts.

“We need to ensure our community boards are composed of diverse local leaders so that we can recover from this pandemic equitably and stronger than we were before,” said Levine. “My experience serving on a board showed me firsthand how having diverse and potent perspectives can turn a good community board into a powerful engine for change.”

Of the 91 first-time appointees, 70% identify as BIPOC, including a greater percentage of individuals who identify as African Americans, Hispanic/Latinx, and AAPI Manhattanites;

48% of first-time appointees identified as women, 42% identified as men, and 1% identified as gender nonconforming;

26.4% of the new appointees are under the age of 30 years, with six individuals falling under the age of twenty. This represents a significant increase, which reflects MBP Levine’s desire to get younger Manhattanites interested in civics and government;

17.6% identify as LGBTQ+, which is a reflection of Manhattan’s vibrant queer culture and community;

79% of first-time appointees do not own a car, a percentage more closely aligns with Manhattan communities and emphasizes Levine’s desire to ensure that the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders is well heard;

40% of new appointees live in rental units across the borough compared to less than 30% having some sort of ownership stake in their domicile. This representation is crucial to address the affordability crisis in Manhattan.

“As a whole, the 2022 class is Manhattan,” said Borough President Levine. “I am tremendously proud of our new appointments and believe we have begun the process of making the shift to what representation should look like on our Community Boards.”

The following are appointments in Straus News Manhattan coverage areas:


CB1: Alice Blank, Rosa Chang, Devon Charkoudian, Susan Cole, Eric Flores, Cody Lyon, Jason Friedman, Kenisha Mahajan, Megan McHugh, Desiree Kristina Robinson, Jimmy Sung, Andrea Jue, Alan Eric Yu, Megan Brown Kennedy, Justine Cuccia, Bruce L. Ehrmann, Mimi Flynn, Jeff Galloway, Kathleen Gupta, Tricia Joyce, Tammy Meltzer, Morton Minsley, Robert Schneck, Laura Starr, Robert Townley

CB2: Akeela Azcuy , Ritu Chattree, Valerie De La Rosa, Susan Kent, Ryder Kessler, Jeanine Kiely, Michael Levine, Edward Ma, Mostafa Osman, Brian Pape, Frederica Sigel, Chenault Spence, Eugene Yoo, Anita Brandt, Amy Brenna, Cheryl Wu, Shirley Smith, Antony Wong, Keen Berger, William Benesh, Mar Fitzgerald, Cormac Flynn, Patricia Laraia, Daniel Miller, Shirley Secunda, Stella FitGerald , Natasha Avanessians


CB4: Theodore Arenas, Christine Berthet, Maarten de Kadt, Pete Diaz, Rae Tina Eskreis-Nelson, Charlie Todd, Wendy Gonzalez, Frank Holozubiec, Kerry Keenan, Christopher LeBron, Jeffrey LeFrancois, Kathryn Stokes, Alice Wong, Jessica Chait, Tina DiFeliciantonio, Peggy Kauh, Lowell Kern, Michael Noble, Jean-Daniel Noland, Matt Green, Joe Restuccia, David Solnick, Aurora Cruz, David Warren, Josephine Ishmon, Carl Wilson, Yadira Jiminez

Upper West Side

CB7: Andrew Albert, Richard Asche, Elizabeth Caputo, Joshua Cohen, Robert Espier, Steven Brown, Anthony Thomas, Blanche E. Lawton, Courtney Metakis, Seema Reddy, Susan Schwartz, Erana Stennett, Kristen Berger, Mark Diller, Natasha Kazmi, Ira Mitchneck, William Ortiz, Madge Rosenberg, Ethel Sheffer, Polly Spain, Sonia Garcia, Kevin Corte, Audrey Isaacs

Upper East Side

CB6: Neil Barclay, Elvy Barroso, Majed Abdulsamad, Beatrice Disman, Nadeem Kilani, Adam C. Hartke, Abigail Krusemark, Anton Mallner, Philip Napolitano, Rajesh Nayar, Ann Seligman, Seema Shah, Mark Thompson, Hannah Singleman, Matthew Weingtraub, Jason Froimowitz, Matt Roberts, Kyle Athayde, Claire Brennan, Jim Collins, Paige Judge, Reshma Patel, Jayson Littman, Sandro Sherrod, Charles Fernandez, Sadie Howard, Jonathan D’errico, Ayisha Siddique, Gabriel Turzo

CB8: Elizabeth Ashby, Lori Ann Bores, Billy Freeland, Paul Krikler, Sahar Hussein, Lindsey Cormack, John Phillips, Elizabeth Rose, John McClement, Lynne Strong-Shinozaki, Russell Squire, Anju Surresh, Bill Angelos, Judy Schneider, Michele Jane Birnbaum, Taina Borrero, Jane Parshall, Sharon Weiner, Sarah Chu, Anthony Cohn, Saundrea Coleman, Felice Farber, Craig Lader, Sharon Pope, Cos Spagnoletti, Addeson Lehv, Mohit Agrawal