Hunter Science HiGh graduates all 104 seniors

| 06 Jul 2015 | 02:22

Each of the 104 seniors who graduated from Manhattan Hunter Science High School is going to college. Hunter College President Jennifer Raab founded the high school school in 2003 as a pipeline into Hunter College and to encourage the study of science. The school, located within the Martin Luther King, Jr. Education Campus on Amsterdam Avenue between 65th and 66th Streets, strives to accept students who might have the best middle school grades but of whom the best is expected in high school.

One of the graduates, Carolin Tolentino, a 15-year-old (pictured) from Inwood, will attend Rice University. Other MHSHS graduates will attend New York University, Binghamton University, Middlebury College, Albany University, Stony Brook University, Rochester Institute of Technology as well as various CUNY and SUNY institutions. In addition, 37 graduates will attend Hunter College starting in the fall — all of them supported by a full scholarship funded by Neil Janovic, a member of the Hunter College Foundation Board of Trustees.