Seeing Second AveNue through an app News

| 09 Jun 2015 | 11:34

Businesses on Second avenue have a new way of reaching out to their customers: there’s an app for that.

Nancy Ploeger, president of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, along with Councilmembers Ben Kallos and David Garodnick, announced the launch of the Second Ave. app last month.

The app is designed to help businesses that have been hurt by the ongoing construction of the Second Ave. subway. The app gives users easy access to the 457 businesses along the avenue.

“We have a lot of young people around Second Avenue and of course everyone using apps today,” said Ploeger.

Kallos and Garodnick helped find money for the project, allocating $10,000 to bring the idea to life. According to Kallos, public-private partnership was an essential model for supporting the small businesses that suffer because of necessary infrastructure improvements.

Out of the seven software companies that applied, Liquid Talent was chosen to design the application. Nine months after the contract was signed, the application came to existence. Throughout the process, the businesses gave their feedback after participating in beta testing. Web portals for people who are less tech savvy are also available online to post offerings for the phone app.

Ploeger sees the app helpging businesses such as restaurants and retailers who are constantly changing their menus and promoting specials. She also hopes businesses like beauty salons can make use of the technology to create an online presence. Since this app is meant to continue past the completion of the subway line, Ploeger plans on working with owners to make the most use of it.

“It enables them to have a free way to market themselves,” she said. Aside from the app, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is hoping to promote business the old school way, launching “Mondays on Second.” Every Monday for the entire summer, a business on Second Avenue will be profiled and then promoted via social media platforms.

Dave Goodside, owner of the Beach Cafe, is hoping the app brings in business. “It’s a great way for consumers that either are philanthropic at heart and want to keep these Second Avenue stores going or people who just like a good value,” he said.

The 2nd Avenue app is now available for both iPhones and Androids.