The Parking Habits of Ernie Anastos

| 17 May 2016 | 01:15

At least one reader of Our Town has had enough with Fox 5 anchor Ernie Anastos.

According to an email sent by the reader, a Mercedes sporting a press pass belonging to Anastos has been spotted repeatedly parked illegally by a fire hydrant on East 68th between Lexington and 3rd avenues, near the Fox 5 office. Despite the appparent violation, the reader said the car never seems to be ticketed.

Fox didn’t return telephone calls seeking comment.

Our reader also contacted the office of City Council Member Dan Garodnick. Genevieve Michel, Garodnick’s chief of staff, said the complaint was forwarded to the 19th precinct.

A Department of Transportation spokesperson said spaces designated for press are located in proximity to news outlets or major press destinations. “Unlike Authorized Placards, they enjoy no other parking privileges outside of these areas, and should be ticketed/enforced accordingly,” the spokesperson said.

-- Silas White