Magnolia Bakery's Bobbie Lloyd: Bringing Her Classic Touch to Art of Food

| 15 Sep 2015 | 11:58

What made you go into the restaurant business?
I started my love affair with food at a very young age, being inspired by the bounty of my mother's and grandmother's baking. I've always enjoyed witnessing the joy that food brings to people's lives and knew that my path would lead straight to the kitchen.

What inspires you?
Most of my inspiration comes from what I see in cookbooks, magazines, and at other restaurants. I have a huge collection of old cookbooks, the kind you get from little town fairs and flea markets—they offer wonderful, classic recipes that I'm often inspired by.

Is there a food or a dish that you could eat every day if you could get away with it?
Man or woman—especially this woman!—cannot live without ice cream. The world is a happier place because of it.

What's your favorite food spot on the Upper East Side?
Elio's—always comfortable, always consistent, always good food.

What's the current dining trend or fad you wish would go away?
The use of too many ingredients in one dish. Why do I need a honey lavender cherry pistachio black pepper biscuit? A perfectly made plain biscuit straight from the oven with a little butter and honey is pure heaven.

Bobbie Lloyd will be joining dozens of other top chefs The Art of Food on October 13th for an exciting evening of specialty cuisine and beverages paired to compliment art from Sotheby's. To get tickets, click here. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to City-Meals-on-Wheels.