Neighborhood Scrapbook

“Eric” is filming in New York for a six part Netflix series that debuts sometime in 2024.

| 26 May 2023 | 04:21

If you’ve seen British actor Benedict Cumberbatch around town in recent weeks, that is because he is filming the upcoming series “Eric” which is set in 1980s New York. The six part thriller mystery series will be shown on the streaming service Netflix about a tv puppeteer named Vincent Anderson whose nine year son Edgar disappears enroute to school one day.

His son had drawn a character named Eric and the increasingly distraught puppeteer is convinced if he can somehow get his son’s character on tv, then his son will return. According to the synopsis from Netflix, “When Edgar, a young boy goes missing in 1980s Manhattan, his grief stricken father Vincent, a puppeteer on America’s leading kids TV show, finds solace through his friendship with Eric, the monster that lives under Edgar’s bed.”

It also involves Vincent befriending an NYPD detective involved in uncovering corruption with the police department. Gabby Hoffman, who plays Cassie Anderson the wife of Vincent and mother of Edgar and McKinley Belcher, as detective Michael Ledroit, co-star with Cumberbatch on the series that is slated to debut sometime in 2024.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for cast and crew on the streets of New York.