Primary Chaos: When Candidate Did Not Specify That He’s Male, Judge Tossed All of His Petitions

The District Leader race in the 76th Assembly District, Part A on the Upper East Side was thrown into chaos when Judge Lucy Billings decided that since Todd Stein, one of two candidates in the race, did not specify on his ballot petitions that he is male, that none of the petitions can be counted. All were tossed. Stein is appealing and still hopes to face off against Ben Akselrod.

| 05 May 2023 | 08:45

Down, but not out...One thing’s for sure and that’s that the race for District Leader in the 76th AD, Part A will happen on June 27, 2023.

What’s not sure is whether Ben Akselrod, who won the endorsements of the Four Freedoms Democratic Club and local electeds, will have Todd Stein as an opponent. So far, the Board of Elections and Judge Lucy Billings have decided that Stein won’t be on the ballot because of his failure to meet the Election Law requirement of identifying as a Male on the petitions necessary to get on the ballot. Stein’s not dropping out. He’s appealing. For his part, Akselrod intends to keep campaigning until Primary Day no matter what Stein does. Stein’s appeal is scheduled for May 9th. Stay tuned.

Bohemian fundraiser

On May 4th, the Four Freedoms Democratic Club had its annual fundraiser at the Bohemian Spirit restaurant on East 73rd St. Akselrod was there throughout. Stein and his campaign manager, Marlene Schneider, who is also an FF member, arrived as I was leaving. Haven’t heard about a kumbaya. Electeds including Congressman Jerry Nadler and Rebecca Seawright, the Assembly member for the 76th district, were at Bohemian as were Supreme Court judicial candidates Suzanne Adams, Phaedra Perry, Jim Clynes, and Gerald Lebovitz, among others. Aspiring Civil Court candidates also attended as did Justices Sabrina Kraus and Dakota Ramseur, both recently elected to Supreme. They were on their final round of events since they are no longer candidates and the time period for them to attend political events are done, gone, over. Whew!

Cat Seeks Job

Luna, an 8-year-old calico, born in Puerto Rico, is looking for work. She met Max Marie, who became her mom, when Max was leaving a yoga class and Luna was playing on the street with the air. It was April. There was a new moon, so Max named the pretty calico Luna after the ancient Roman goddess personifying the moon. Eight years and many moons later in NY, Luna’s days are spent sitting or standing alongside Max and her computer as Max records and writes the songs she sings at regular gigs around town. While Luna doesn’t sing, she does make quick runs or jumps to kiss Max’s lips as she sings. Nice, but Luna needs more. She wants work. She’s been told she’s pretty, sweet. Would be a perfect model. She can look slim or zaftig depending on the angle of her pose. She’ll take print work. She’ll take commercial work. And would love to work in studios in office buildings around the city. Enough with the zooms. Has carrier. Will travel. It’s Max Marie’s turn to watch Luna work. Interested? Contact -

Rudin and J. P. Morgan Demolish 415 Madison Ave.

415 Madison Ave razed - Gone. Reduced to a great big almost half-block hole on Madison between 48th and 49th Sts. The 24-story tower’s demise was set in motion by 415’s owner Rudin Management and JP Morgan Chase in 2020 and the pandemic didn’t change it. The plan was for JP Morgan Chase to have their new headquarters in the newly built edifice. The loss of 415 Madison is personal for me. For several years I had office space there. There were penthouse offices. Some offices had terraces. That great outdoor space was welcome for smokers and the non-smokers who didn’t have to inhale. The new tower will include pedestrian access to the LIRR concourse under Grand Central Terminal as was reported in Bloomberg News at the time of the demolition proposal. In the early aughts, when Rudy Giuliani was contemplating a run for the presidency, his campaign headquarters were in the building. Goodbye, good building. I’ll miss you.