Rock ’n’ Roll Rock ’n’ Roll ACME UNDERGROUND 9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette ...

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    9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 212-420-1934. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Junior Fudge, Endgames, Swamp by Tche, Alice Bierhorst, Adam Wade. THURS: Plexus, Velcro, Daphne, Pop Mafia, Carly Edison, Iridesense. FRI: Spredhause, Bitch Cat, Flying 66, The Habit, Outside Toy, JFK Junior Royal Airforce. SAT: Leah Coloff, Rudy Crew, The Weeds, Nova 69, Horizon, David Dragon. SUN: Viva el Rock feat. La Jorga, Pocket, Dimencia. MON: Konkrete Jungle. TUES: The Echo Orbiter, Johnny on the Spot, Size, The Nudge.



    95 Stanton St. (betw. Ludlow & Orchard Sts.), 212-358-1633. No Cover. WEDS: A.M. 60, Ricky Q, London Pillbox, Jumping Bomb Girls, Chlorophyll, 7. THURS: Rivercat, The Pasties, Soulvine, Mofo, Perforated Head, Humbuckers, 7. FRI: The Syphloids, The Highwaters, Kitty Hawk, Brendan O'Donnel, Booty Olympics, Yolanda & Family, 7. SAT: The Troubadors, Nipple, Buck Dewey Big Band, The El Conquistadors, One Groovy Coconut, 8. SUN: Circus, Stuck on Earth, Ferdinand the Bull, One Handed Molly, 8. MON: Punk/Metal Karaoke, David Dragov, 8. TUES: Splodge, Ben Arthur, Parker Paul, Amy Fairchild, Mr. North, 7.


    baby jupiter

    170 Orchard St. (Stanton St.), 212-982-BABY. See also "Clubs & Lounges." All shows $5 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: Mental Unity, Katy Pfaffel, Boneshaker, 8. THURS: Aimee Miles & the Noble Hatch, Rofftop Cowboys, Haale, Pillow Theory, 8. FRI: Dr. Didg, Mother's Favorite Child, Fiesta, Campesinos del Sol, 8. SAT: Topaz, Matabuena, Eppolito Principle, 9. SUN: Akim Funk Buddha's Dha Fuzion, 8-12, $8; Young Lions, 4-7:30, free. MON: David Francis, Silith Fair, 7, free. TUES: Clark Gayton's Epicenter, Simon Chardiet, Chris Barron, Chris Stopa, 8.


    bar 13

    35 E. 13th St. (University Pl.), 212-979-6677. THURS: Screening of Freaks Glam Gods & Rockstars, 10, free. MON: Soma Mestizo, Christina Springer, 7, $5, $3 st.


    bitter end

    147 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 212-673-7030. Shows are $5 & begin at 8 (unless otherwise specified). WEDS: Paul Clements, Lea, Kyoti, Andrea Maybaum, Jennifer Marks, Meghan Fogarty. THURS: The Irresponsibles, Jayne Street, Non Fiction, Spiral. FRI: Mann Made Band, Evan Kremin, Af the King, Stickman Jones, Mark Giacobbe. SAT: Dan Cazio & the NY Bluebook, Kharma Zhu, Earth Eatz Dog!, The Coopers, Shamsi Ruhe, Johnny Miles,, Uranium 235, 7. SUN: Mann Made Jam. MON: Days of Wild, Then There Were Three, Emily Curtis, Jen Chapin, Jason Spirit. TUES: Oz, Earth Minus One, Karen Lloyd, Abigail Crane, Carl Alloco.


    B.M.W. BAR

    199 7th Ave. (betw. 21st & 22nd Sts.), 212-229-1807. No cover. FRI: Ken Hypes, 10; San Dixon, 7. SAT: Rick Johnson's B.M.W. open mic, 4-9. SUN: Joe Romby, 7.



    15 W. 4th St. (Mercer Ave.), 212-228-7880 or All shows at 7:30 & 10:30 unless specified. FRI: Tribute to the Byrds & Gene Clark feat. John Jorgenson, Eric Amble, Dennis Diken, Kenny Kosek, George Usher & others; $15. SAT: "Buster Poindexter & His Spanish Rocketship Band, 8 & 11, $20.


    bowery ballroom

    6 Delancey St. (Bowery), 212-533-2111. THURS: Dana Fuchs Band, The Realistics, Stage, Josh Dodes Band, 8, $10.



    169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-420-8392. 21 & over except Sundays. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: The Trollops, Hugh, Die Laughing, The Flow, 8, $7. THURS: Smoke, Liquid Vinyl, Parise, 8, $7. FRI: Jah Warrior Shelter spins reggae & dub; Echo 3, Chaotic Past, 9:30, $5. SAT: Pleasure Unit, Drums & Tuba, 10; Boy Sets Fire, Ann Beretta, Midtown, 6, $8. SUN: Ted Leo, Haywood, Julie Doiron (w/band), The A-Set 8, $7. MON: Joe Coffee, Demon Speed, The Monumentals, 9, $7. TUES: Hellride East (feat. Mike Watt & J Mascis) $10.



    315 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-982-4052 or WEDS: Vagnerluck, Can't See Ahead, Laura Shawen, Donny Brook Fair, 8, $6. THURS: Ariana's Legal Benefit feat. Furious George, Mobile Homos, Disassociate, Nova Express, Suicide King, Helldorado, Kowalskis, Holly Rumos, LES Stitches, Super Villians, Blind Pharaohs & others, 7, $5-$10. FRI: WSOU pres. 40 Below Summer, Mudbox, Send 72, Livid, D-9, 8, $9. SAT: Ten Speed Racer, Nina Hynes, The Medea Connection, Realm, Sister's Grimm, Dead End Kids, The Nerve, Gutterpoet, 8, $9. SUN: South Paw, The Truents, The Nihilistics, E.G.H., Fit for Anger, Cold Front, Awkward Thought, Niblick Herbane, Hednick Stew, Degenerics, Purpose, Fed-Up, 6:30, $10. MON: Audition showcase. TUES: ASCAP pres. Skin Dred, Hugh Baby, Bionic Jive, Cool for August, 7, $10.

    Downstairs Lounge: THURS: Revenge of the Muse IV pres. No Surrender, InfiniTee the Quadroon, Tes, C. Rayz Walz, Apani B. Fly, DJs Sula & E.S.E., 9:30, $5. FRI: Organic Grooves, 11, $7. SAT: DJ Mister 6, Princess Superstar, Plan Nine, Fuzifah, 9:30, $7. SUN: Urbana Sunday Poetry Slam feat. Christina Springer, 7, $5.  


    313 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-677-0455. WEDS: "Lords of the Lowbrow II" art opening feat. works by Van Arno, Anthony Ausgang, Ron English, Fiona Smyth, 6, free. THURS: Serena Jost, Kristeen Young, Tyhoo, Chris Moore, Shoes & Rider, 7, $5. FRI: Josh Max's Outfit, Strange Cargo, Dave's True Story, Chris Crofton, 8, $7. SAT: The Larry Keel Experience, Roz Nash, Andrew Vladek, Greta Gertler, 8, $7. SUN: Traid & Studio Parsley NYC pres. Memorial Day Extravaganza w/Citizen Kane, Yejide the Night Queen, Gleen Bryant, Yumika Parsley, Black Chemistry, Circular Sonic, Mike T. Brown, $5. MON: "Alchemy" w/DJ Jason spinning Goth, 10, $3; Barbez, Charming Hostess, The Galerkin Method, 7, $5. TUES: Hank Kim, Lucky; "Roundtable Sessions" feat. Will Hawkins, Indigo, Jesse Harris, Michael Kroll, 9; Django, Jude Shepard, 7, $5.


    the c-note

    157 Ave. C (10th St.), 212-677-8142. No cover. WEDS: The Matt Shulman Trio, Eric & the Cosmic Jug Band, 7-11. THURS: Skin Margin, Tungstun, Dan Gillian, Desdemona Finch Birthday, LJ Murphy, 7. FRI: Hogen, James Katz, Ernesto, Amy Emerman, Turner Cody, Vita, Sarah Brindell, 5. SAT: Cybertronica DJs, 12; Swivel, Black Milk, SPF, Point of Departure, Alice Lee, Gil Coggins, 5. SUN: Brian Gitkin & Friends, 11; Rick Johnson's open mic, 6-11. MON: Reid Anderson, Rob Meador's Showcase, Paul DeCoster, 7. TUES: Luke Batson, Kate Edwards, Jack Grace, AL Lazano, 7.



    25 3rd Ave. (St. Marks Pl.), 212-529-6924. WED: Stem, Boiler Room. THURS: Freakshow, Locket, Left of Jupiter, Eventide, $6. FRI: Sterile. SAT: The Blame, Dead End Kids, The Cherubs, The Lyres, Church Keys. SUN: Bitch Cat, Girls of Porn, Blisster, Sisters Grimm, $6. MON: Peelander Zee, Dementia 13, free. TUES: One Step Beyond, $6.



    416 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 212-645-5189 or No cover on Mondays. WEDS: Lunachicks, LES Stitches, Sisters Grimm, 8:30, $9. FRI: The Bluebeats NY Ska Jazz Ensemble. SAT: Strapping Fieldhangs, Robin Wiliamson, The Tower Recordings, 8:15. MON: Gerald Malanga, Electro-Putas.


    cutting room

    19 W. 24th St. (betw. B'way & 6th Ave.), 212?691-1900. WEDS: Rick DellaRatta, Bobby Watson. THURS: Adele Zane. FRI: Virginia Mayhew, Victor Jones hosts Miles Davis birthday party feat. his original sidemen.


    don hill's

    511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.), 212-691-7731. WEDS: Röck Cändy w/Nancy Boy, Extra Virgin, 9, $5, free for those sportin' big hair. THURS: BeavHer. FRI: Squeeze Box w/Mistress Formica & special guests. SAT: Tiswas w/Smoke, The Humans.



    144 Bleecker St. (betw. Thompson St. & LaGuardia Pl.), 212-979-8434 or WEDS: Super Creeps, Gravel, Son, Spin Control, Interference, $7. THURS: Sweet Spot, Circus Mind, Elephant Driver, Sean Fitzpatrick, Barnibus, $7. FRI: James Pace Band, Tin Shade, Lukabrazi, Chrissy Snow, Alieron, Spot Shot, $8. SAT: De-Flow in the lounge, free; Gingham Shmuz, Valkyries, Simulcast, The Electric Magic Sideshow, Of Sound Mind, $8.



    Time Cafe, 380 Lafayette St. (Great Jones St.), 212-533-7000 or Two drink min. WEDS: Julia Greenberg, Lisa H. Cornelio, Brilliant Mistakes, 7, $10. THURS: Mingus Big Band, 8:30 & 11, $18, $10 st. FRI: Charming Hostess, Sarah Lentz, 9:30, $10; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SAT: Aden, Aisler's Set, 9:30, $8; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SUN: Lady Bunny's "A Taste of Bunny," 9:30, $12; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $12.



    70 N. 6th St. (betw. Wythe & Kent Aves.), Williamsburg, 718-782-5188. FRI: Douce. 9.



    100 Washington St (Rector St.), 212-344-3777. Shows at 6. No cover. FRI & SAT: Chanteuse Phoebe Legere.



    1843 1st Ave. (betw. 95th & 96th Sts.), 212-722-8635. Shows at 9 on Weds. & Tues., 10 on Thurs.-Sat., no cover. WEDS: The Shade, Lil' Mo & the Monicats. THURS: Dusty Wright & the Bush Hogs. FRI: Wendy May Reno, Roy Wilson's Honky Tonk Boys. SAT: Quickdraw. TUES: Even Cowboys Get the Blues Jam w/Big Ed & the Side Pockets.


    Irving Plaza

    17 Irving Pl. (15th St.), 212-777-6800. WEDS: Matchbox Twenty, Angie Aparo, 8, $26. THURS: Ween & special guests, 8, $22, $20 adv. FRI: Ween, Sound of Urchin, 8, (sold out). SAT: Toots & the Maytals w/DJ Twin, 9, $22, $20 adv. TUES: The The, Macha, DJ Otesfu, 8, $22.


    Knitting Factory

    74 Leonard St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-219-3055 or

    Main Space: WEDS: Ran Blake, G.U.T., 8, $10-$12. THURS: Dylan Group, Karate, Uz Jsme Doma, 9, $8-$10. FRI-SAT: The Rondelles, Solex, Stereo Total, 9, $10-$12. SUN: An evening w/the Music Tapes, 9, $8. MON & TUES: Will Calhoun, Me'Shell Ndegéocello, David Torn, 8 & 10, $15. KnitActive Sound Stage: WEDS: Safe Transmissions, 10, $7; Between Green, 8, $6. THURS: Will Holshouser, 10, $7; Michael Jefry Stevens, 8, $7. FRI: Klaus Janek, 10, $8; Matt Shullman Trio, 8, $7. SAT: Gutbucket, 11, $10; Charming Hostess, 10, $8; Satlah, 8, $8; Poetry Series, 6, $5. SUN: "The Song," 10, $10. MON: Penny Arcade w/Ed Pastorini, 9:30, $10; Decompositions: A jazz meltdown of the works of Philip Sousa, 7:30, $10. TUES: Post Prandials, 10, $7; Robert Reich, Corey Dargel, 8, $7. Old Office: WEDS: Stephan Smith, 9:30, $7; Kazu Live Blue feat. Bill Ware III, 7, $7; THURS: Matt Darriau's Celtic Eclectic, 8 & 9:30, $8. FRI-SUN: Tor Snyder & Irrepressible Spirit, 8 & 9:30, $8. MON: Drew Gress' Lyric Collision, 8 & 9:30, $10. TUES: Bryan Vargas & ¡ya Esta!, 8 & 9:30, $7. Tap Bar: WEDS: Benoir w/Sauce on the Side, 11, free. THURS: E-Z Pour Spout, 11, free. FRI: Peter Mazza, 11, free. SUN: Drums & Tuba, 11, free. MON: Clowns Ohad Talmor, Russ Johnson, Kermit Driscoll, Scott Newman, 11, free. TUES: Avram Ferer, 11, free.  


    162 Ave. B (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-529-8463. Sun.-Thurs. shows at 9, Fri. & Sat. at 11, no cover. WEDS: Jack Grace Band. THURS: Jimmy Nations Combo. FRI: Moonshine Messiahs. SAT: Aloha Steamtrain. SUN: The Shemps (feat. WFMU's Dave the Spazz). MON: Mark Seilger & Rusy Truck. TUES: Malcom Holcum.


    lion's den

    214 Sullivan St. (betw. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts.), 212-477-2782 or All shows at 8 p.m. unless specified. 18 & over. THURS & FRI: Summer Synthpop Festival feat. Iris, Neuroactive, Neuropa, B!Machine, Cosmicity, Faith Assembly, Count to Infinity, Echoing Green, DJ Cesar, Migel hosts, 7:30, $25/both nights. SAT: Dr. Awkward, Good People, Life in the Blender, New Mexicans, 7, $8.


    the living room

    84 Stanton St. (Allen St.), 212-533-7235 or No cover. WEDS: Dina Regine, Libby, Umbrella, Baby Gramps, Barbara Kessler, 7. THURS: Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos, Adriana Galic, Henry Elsesser, David Wallingford, Paul Christian, 7. FRI: Ten Speed Racer, Nina Hynes, Matthew Puckett, Rachel Loshak, Sandy Bell, Josh Ritter, Seth Davis, 7. SAT: Jabbering Trout Party, D.B. Leonard, Jenny Bruce, Deb Montgomery, She-Haw, 7. TUES: Lianne Smith, Luka Mundaca, 7.



    171 Ludlow St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 212-260-2323. All shows at 9, no cover. WEDS: Alpha Car, Lionel Rocks, Luxury. THURS: Bobfields, Erics, Dave Spalding (of Pell Mell). FRI: Saturn's Child, Double Dong, Caddis Hatch. SAT: Marni, Cherubino, Spirit Varnish. SUN: The Everyone, Negatones. TUES: Semaphore, Mike Daily, Scout.


    MANHATTAN CENTER's hammerstein ballroom

    311 W. 34th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-564-4882. SUN: Primal Scream, 8, $24.



    99 Ave. B (betw. 6th & 7th Sts.), 212-982-2511. All shows at 10 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: The Inch Worms (band from Hedwig & the Angry Inch), The Martinets, 9. THURS: George Gilmore & the Giblets. FRI: Simon & the Bar Sinisters. SAT: Tom Clark. SUN: Thomas James. MON: Beat Rodeo. TUES: "Hardcore," weekly party feat. hosts Mistress Formica & music by Super Villan, Model Citizen, $5.



    1039 Washington St. (11th St.) Hoboken, 201-798-4064. WEDS: Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip, 9, $9. THURS: Honeybunch, The Rondells, Stereo Total, 9, $7 FRI & SAT: Luna, special guests, 10, $14. SUN: Gary & the Wombats, 8, $8. TUES: Kick Out the Jams DJ Series: Mike Longo, 8, free.



    269 E. Houston St. (Suffolk St.), 212-254-0688 or WEDS: Sweetie, Danny Fast Fingers, Tara, 8. THURS: Gloss w/DJs BK Brewster & Lily of The Valley, go-go performer Maine. FRI: DJ Frida, 11-4. SAT: Moxie, Teahouse, 9. SUN: DJs, go-go dancers & Fragglerock houseband playing dance hits, 11. SUN: Faye's hiphop party, 9-4. MON: SickFM, Mortimer's Pajamas, 9. TUES: DNA, Freddy, 9.



    217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 212-260-4700. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: The Meanhwhiles, Wharton Tiers Ensemble, The Numbers, Mark Lozotte, 7:30, $8. THURS: Angus, Greg Cagno, Alaskan, 9:30, $10. FRI-MON: Closed for renovations. TUES: Bari Koral Band, Joy Askew, Peter Salett, 8, $8.



    47 Murray St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-566-3705. THURS: Sounds of Venus, monthly celebration of women in music pres. Victoria Lavington, JJ, Naviv, Leah-Carla Gordone, Heavy Merge, American Pistill, Bluenumber9.


    pete's candy store

    709 Lorimer St. (Frost St.), Williamsburg, 718-302-3770. No cover. WEDS: Open mic w/Bruce Martin, 9. THURS: Bee & Flower, 9. FRI: Phil Hummer & the Buzzards, 10. SAT: Tom Leach, 10. SUN: Lizzie West, 9. MON: Halle, Diane Cluck, 9. TUES: The Penniless Wilds, 9.



    285 W. B'way (Canal St.), 212-941-0900. WEDS: Indigenous, 8, $13.


    the sidewalk cafe

    94 Ave. A (6th St.), 212-473-7373. WEDS: L.P. Funk, The String Messengers, Curtis Eller's American Circus, Nikki, Liz Skillman, Evan Samuels Schlansky, 7:30. THURS: Kirk Kelly, Shameless, Lunchin', The Problems, Kenny Young & The Eggplants, 8. FRI: Opaque, Joe Bendik & the Heathens, Ruth Gerson, Michael Packer, Ekayani & the Healing Band, Paul Mahoux, 7:30. SAT: Testosterone Kills, Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend, Janet Vodka, Phoebe Legere, Smitty, 8. SUN: Artmice, Andrew Heller & the Wonder Boy, Turner Cody, Randi Russo, Steve Espinola, Fire Dean, 7:30. MON: The Antihoot w/Lach, sign-up at 7:30. TUES: Stephanie St. John, The Voyces, Derek Richmond, Sean Lee, Jen Halpern, Craig Halpern, Craig Chesler, 7:30.



    204 Varick St. (Houston St.), 212-243-4940. WEDS: Gregory Issacs, 8, $18. THURS: Rahassan Patterson, Sy Smith, 8, $25. FRI: Tabou Combo, 11 & 1. SAT: Karnival, 2 a.m., $10; Ketende, 8, 10 & 12, $20. SUN: S.O.B.'s 18th anniversary bash feat. Pede Bio. MON: Willie Villegas, 9 & 11; La Prensa & Josue Rivas.



    244 E. Houston St. (Ave. A), 212-353-1740. WEDS: Telefonic, Four Day Creep, Crash Comet, Pack of Wise, The Walrus. THURS: Joy Popper, Due Live, Rope Ladder, Stephen Taylor, Zero to Sixty. FRI: Protopipe, Truck, Knob, Anthemic Popwonder, God, Vertigo, Cadence, Homer & the Sexuals, Puck. SAT: Sullen, Two Hoax & a Rat, RogerHumanBeing, Within, Chanyez & Drama, Pacific Boy Standing, Grail, Gravestand. SUN: Velcro Inc., Earthdriver, Live drum 'n' bass w/Swiss Chris. TUES: Noteworthy, Rentboy, Maven, Bad Habit, Nick Bukovalas.



    161 Hudson St. (Laight St.), 212-966-4225. WEDS: DJ Evil D, Reid Speed, Odi, Respect w/Danny the Wild Child, 10. THURS: Amandla feat. Claude Coleman (Ween drummer), Mary Harris, The Living, Rhythm Republik, Danni Gee & Sugabush, 8:30, $10. FRI: Madball, Sick of it All, Skarhead, Shutdown, Nine Lives, Sworn Enemy, Son of Skam, 7, $13. SAT: Madball, Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Vision, Death Threat, Ensign, 7, $13. SUN: Chizh & Co., Night Snipers, 7:30, $40, $20 adv. TUES: The Dude of Life, 9, free.




    315 W. 44th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-581-3080 or Shows at 9 & 11 (& 12:30 Fri. & Sat.). Music charge & $10 min.; 1 drink incl. in cover. WEDS: Gary Morgan's 20-piece "Mother of All Big Bands," $20. SAT: Jackie McLean Sextet, $25-$30. THURS-SAT: Buster Williams Quartet, $20-$25. SUN: Chico O'Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Big Band, $20. MON: Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, feat. Lew Tabackin, $20. TUES: The Famous Duke Ellington Orchestra, $20.


    Blue Note

    131 W. 3rd St. (6th Ave.), 212-475-8592 or Showtimes 9 & 11:30 unless otherwise noted. WEDS-SUN: Paquito D'Rivera Quintet (cd release party), $5-$10. FRI & SAT: Late Night w/Charles Blenzig & friends, $5. SUN: Weekly brunch, $18.50, incl. show, brunch & 1 drink. MON: Ron Blake Quartet, $10 & min. TUES: Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Star Big Band, $20-$35 & min.



    120 Hudson St. (betw. Franklin & Moore Sts.), 212-399-0714. MON: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    115 MacDougal St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.), 212-254-3630. Feat. The Wha? Band & special guests Weds-Sun. WEDS: Bryan Stephens, 9:30, free. THURS: Bryon Moore, 9:30, $5. FRI: Cheryl Pepsi Riley, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SAT: Elan, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SUN: Jesus Perez, 9:30, free. MON: Brazilian Night w/Vannessa Fallabella & friends, 9:30, $10. TUES: Classic Funk night w/Ron Long, Nat Townsley, Mike Davis, 9:30, $7.



    405 E. 6th St. (betw. A & 1st Aves.), 212-254-1613. No cover, no min. FRI: The Jerry Engelbach Trio, 8-10:30. SAT: Tony O'Blaney Group, 8-10:30.



    310 W. B'way (betw. Canal & Grand Sts.), 212-925-5515. No cover, $20 min. WEDS: Marlene VerPlanck. THURS: Barbara Fasano. FRI: Orrin Evans. SAT: Jazz Brunch feat. Howard Fishman Quartet, 2-5. SUN: "The Age of Elegance: Viennese Cabaret" w/Daniel Neer, Nicholas White.


    cornelia St. Cafe

    29 Cornelia St. (6th Ave.), 212-989-9318 or WEDS: Bill Gerhardt (piano), Marc Mommaas (sax), Francois Moutin (drums), Tim Horner (drums). THURS: Perry Robinson Quartet. FRI: Masa Kamaguci (bass), Roberta Piket (piano), Jeff Williams (drums). SAT: Dave Scott Quintet. SUN: Jerome Sabbagh (flipside & t-sax), Daren Beckett (drums), Matt Penman. MON: Contemporary Classical Series.



    666 125th St. (W. Side Hwy.), 212-663-7980, WEDS: The George Gee Swing Band, 8. THURS & SUN: Melvin Sparks Blues Band, 8. FRI: Ann Sinclair, 8. SAT: Ann Sinclair, 9. SAT & SUN: Gospel brunch & dinner shows. MON: Swing Dance Cotton Club Allstars, 8.



    349 E. 13th St. (1st Ave.), 212-533-6212. All shows at 9 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: John Dryder Quartet. THURS: Dave Lobenstein Quintet. FRI: Rickk Margitza Quartet, 9:30. SAT: Rudy Mahanthappha Quartet, 9:30. SUN: The Sunday Jazz Spot w/Mike Magilligan. MON: Renaud Penant Trio, 9. TUES: Reid Andersen Quartet.



    251 W. 30th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-695-2747. WEDS: Rope Ladder, Clay Pigeons, Kevin Mullani, Pete Tahoe, Not For Nothin', 5, $5. THURS: Keith Monacchio Quartet, Mother Freedom, Brian Quinn Band, 9, $5. FRI: Night of Rockabilly feat. The Rockats, $10. SAT: Batcave & Albion pres. The Changelings, The Mirror Reveals, Rasp, 9, $15.



    99 7th Ave. S. (Grove St.), 212-645-0600. All shows free. WEDS: Jacob Drazen, 9-1. THURS: Yvonne Taylor, 9-1. FRI: Yardena & Trio, 10:30-2:30; Norah Jones, 7-10. SAT: Ginetta's Vendetta, 11:30-3:30; Dena DeRose, 7-10; Jazz brunch w/Terry Thomas, 12-4, $10 incl. brunch. SUN: David Coss & Trio, 12-4; Jazz brunch w/Pat Nicolas, 12-4. MON: Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, 8-11. TUES: David Coss & Trio, 9-1.



    World Trade Center, 250 Vesey St., 2nd fl. (West St.), 212-786-1500. FRI: Ron Affif Trio, 5-9.


    Iridium Room

    44 W. 63 St. (Columbus Ave.), 212-582-2121. WEDS-SUN: Eliane Elias Trio. MON: Les Paul Quartet. TUES: Pat Martino Hip-Bop Trio.


    joe's pub

    Joseph Papp Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. (Astor Pl.), 212-239-6200. WEDS: Weekly Reggae Night, 11. THURS: DJ Personality Series feat. DJs from all walks of life, 11; Tom Maxwell, 8:30. FRI: Tom Maxwell, 8:30. SAT: DJ Jules, 11; Tom Maxwell, 8:30. SUN: Love Bazaar, 11. MON: Dominic hosts "Benefit," 11; B.D. Wong, 8:30. TUES: DJ Shari, 11; Corey Harris, Henry Butler, 8.



    123 Mercer St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 212-343-0612. No cover. WEDS: Ray Vega "Boperation," 9-1. THURS: Eric Alexander Quartet, 9-1. FRI: Jack Walrath & the Masters of Suspense, 11; Joe Charupakorn Trio, 8-11. SAT: Jack Walrath & the Masters of Suspense, 11; Piltdown Man 8-11; Nat Harris Group, 2:30-5:30. SUN: Paul Serrato & Co., 8; Joe Fusco Trio, 4-7. MON: Ted Rackley Group, 9. TUES: Sunna Gunnlaugs Quartet, 9.



    33 University Pl. (9th St.), 212-228-8490. WEDS-SAT: Pianist Valerie Capers w/bassist John Milliman.



    827 B'way (12th St.), 212-254-6436. WEDS: "A Night at the Opera." THURS & FRI: Pancho Navarro. SAT: Evening Jazz w/Falkner Evans Duo; Jazz brunch w/Sarah McLawler. SUN: Jazz brunch w/TBA, $25 prix fixe.



    35 W. 67th St. (betw. Central Park W. & Columbus Ave.) 212-601-1000 or WEDS: Makor Lounge Night feat. Josh's Lounge Night, 7:30-12, free. THURS: Chraming Hostess Trio, 10, $10; Sean Altman & Rob Tannenbaum host songwriter's series, "What I Like About Jew" with Robin Goldwasser, Amanda Green, Miss Tammy Faye Starlight, Cindy Kaplan, Zelda, 6:30-9, $10. SAT: Swing Groove, Beale Street Swing Mavens, 9:30, $12. SUN: Jazz Brunch w/Alec Berlin Trio, 11-3, free.



    596 10th Ave. (43rd St.), 212-246-2030. No Cover. WEDS: The Rufus Philpot Quartet, 8, free. FRI & SAT: Karaoke, 9:30. MON: Comedy night, 9. TUES: Karaoke, 9:30.


    Museum of Modern Art

    11 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 212-708-9491. FRI: The Music of Elmo Hope presented by El MOllenium Quintet, 5:30 & 7, contrib.



    1068 1st Ave. (betw. 58th & 59th Sts.), 212-755-6875. THURS: Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    23 St Marks Pl. (betw. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), 212-473-1620. THURS: Ellery Eskelin, 8, $10, $5 st./s.c.



    55 W. 13 St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 212-473-0043. FRI: Vision Festival pres. Mark Whitecage Quartet, 11, $20.


    RUE 57

    60 W. 57th St. (6th Ave.), 212-307-5656. Sets at 8:30, 9:45 & 11. WEDS: George Coleman Trio. TUES: John Serry Trio.



    2751 B'way (betw. 105th & 106th Sts.), 212-864-6662. FRI & SAT: Darrell Grant, 9, 10:30 & 12.



    370 7th Ave. (betw. 30th & 31st Sts.), 212-976-8463. SUN: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 2-6, free.


    88 7th Ave. S. (betw. Grove & Bleecker Sts.), 212-242-1785. Weds., Thurs., Sun. shows at 9 & 11 (add. 12:30 a.m. show Fri. & Sat. nights). WEDS-SUN: Jeff "Tain" Watts, Christian McBride, $17.50-$20 & $10 min.


    teddy's bar & Grill

    96 Berry St. (N. 8th St.), Williamsburg, 718-384-9787. No cover. WEDS: Tap n' Jazz Jams w/Hayes Greenfield, tapper Andrew Nemr, 9:30-1 a.m.



    107 Norfolk St. (betw. Delancey & Rivington Sts.), 212-358-7503 or Incus Festival Weds. & Thurs. WEDS: Fred Frith & friends, 10, $12; John Zorn & Fred Frith Duo, 8, $12. THURS: Slow Poke, 12, $5; Shaking Ray Levi's, 10, $10; Susie Ibarra & Derek Bailey Duo, 8, $10. FRI: Sex Mob, 12, $5; Vinicius Cantuaria, 10, $10; The Klucevsek, Bern Unit, 8, $10. SAT: Larval (cd release party), 12, $5; No Neck Blues Band, 8, $10; Min Xiao Fen Solo, 1:30, $8. SUN: Neil Furio curates "Songwriter Series" w/Morgan Taylor, Charming Hostess, 8, $8; Klezmer Brunch, 1:30 & 3, $10. MON: Cuong Vu, 9:30, $10.



    514 2nd St. (7th Ave.), Park Slope, 718-499-3253. FRI: The Coolerators. SAT: King Fly.



    130 E. 7th St. (betw. Ave. A & 1st Ave.), 212-533-3512. TUES: Jimmy Vass, 8-12, $3.



    178 7th Ave. S. (betw. W. 11th & Waverly Sts.), 212-255-4037. All shows at 9:30 & 11:30 (add. 1:30 a.m. show Fri. & Sat.), $15-$20 & $10 min. WEDS-SUN: Wycliffe Gordon Quintet. TUES: Eric Reed & the New York Seven.



    263 W. 54 St. (betw. B'way & 8th Aves.), 212-245-9849. No cover, no min. WEDS: Susan Didrichson, 8:30.




    90 W. Houston St. (Thompson St.), 212-477-8337. Weds., Thurs., Mon. & Tues. shows at 10:30, 12 & 2 a.m., Fri., Sat. & Sun. shows at 11, 12:30 & 2 a.m. All shows $5 & 1 drink min. WEDS: John Stubblefield's 'Quiet Fire'. THURS: Juan Carlos Formell & Cubalibre (Cuban). FRI: Africa Allstars. SAT: Marianne Ebert Group. SUN: Cidinho Teixeira & Friends (Brazilian jazz). MON: Ron Affif Trio. TUES: Cindy Blackman Quartet.