State Assembly and Senate Democrats Oppose Hochul’s Charter School Plan

Governor Hochul’s budget proposal called for adding up to 100 charter schools in New York City, but the move has been oppossed by the Democratic led NYS Assembly and Senate chambers, setting the stage for a protracted battle.

| 17 Mar 2023 | 07:39

State Democrats in both the Assembly and the Senate have opposed Governor Kathy Hochul’s push to increase the number of charter schools in New York City.

Hochul recently laid out a plan in her February 1 executive budget which would allow competition for about 85 charters from the rest of the state that are not currently in use; effectively doing away with the existing regional limits that exist on New York City charters.

Both the teachers’ unions and the state legislators, however, have strenuously opposed Hochul’s plan.

The Senate passed a resolution going against Hochul’s proposal to remove the regional charter school cap and authorize the re-issuance of surrendered, revoked, or terminated charters.

The budget released by the State Assembly also included a line stating, “The Assembly eliminates the following Executive Article VII proposals that would: remove the regional charter school cap in New York City and authorize the reissuance of ‘zombie’ charters.

With the democratic legislature digging in its heels, it is expected to lead to lots of last minute wrangling between the governor—who says parents want the choice that charter schools afford them—and many democratic legislators, who go along with the United Federation of Teachers who strongly oppose them.

The new budget must be passed on April 1st. Last year’s budget was was not passed until April 9, 2022, nine days late.