Suspect Nabbed in Shove of Senior Citizen Onto 68th Street Subway Tracks

74 year-old Trevor Crawford, allegedly shoved by 49 year-old Derrick Mills, has reportedly suffered a spine fracture and other injuries. Mills, who was arrested on the UWS for the September 12 incident, claims that he attacked the senior citizen after being called “a woman.” Crawford’s granddaughter said that it was unprovoked.

| 18 Sep 2023 | 04:23

Derrick Mills, a 49 year-old man who allegedly shoved 74 year-old Trevor Crawford onto the subway tracks at 68 St.-Hunter College, is in custody as of September 14. He was reportedly recognized by police on the UWS, who had on hand a NYPD flyer plastered with his photo. He had been on the lam since Tuesday, September 12, with the alleged incident occurring shortly after midnight. Cops told Our Town that Mills has been hit with an assault charge.

The NYPD’s Assistant Chief of Detectives Joe Kenny gave a broad account of the incident to the press, saying that Crawford was “approached, unprovoked, by a male who’s speaking to himself. He gets accused of staring at the male and he’s spontaneously just shoved onto the tracks.”

Crawford ended up being rushed to New York-Prysbeterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he was reportedly treated for pelvic, rib, and spinal fractures. Kenny elaborated: “He’s hurt pretty bad...He [traveled] a good deep distance, [landed] directly on his back and neck onto the roadbed.”

Crawford’s granddaughter, Karry-Ann Martin, vehemently denounced Mills before his arrest. “His day is coming, that’s it, you don’t just go around hurting people, we’re all human beings, we’re all supposed to take care of each other just like the animals take care of each other,” she told ABC7.

“You watch the pride, the lion pride, everybody has their job, everybody is different, different race, different color, but that’s what makes us special. You hurt an elder...I hope the police catch up with him, that’s all I have to say,” she added.

After his arrest, Mills told the press that he had assaulted the older man after being called “a woman” by him. Martin noted that the attack was unprovoked.