Why Working as Summer Camp Counselor Is the Best First Job

| 20 Feb 2023 | 11:05

Is your high school or college-aged child looking for a summer job? Working as a camp counselor at a day or overnight camp is one of the best first jobs they can get to gain important skills while also having the time of their life. Here are just a few of the reasons your child should work at camp this summer:

Work Outside All Summer–Forget about stocking shelves or sitting at a desk all summer. At camp, you work outdoors, helping campers at the pool, lake, the outdoor arts & crafts center or at the ropes course. Summer is meant to be spent outdoors so why not get paid to do so!

Gain Leadership Skills– On day one of the job, camp counselors are given enormous responsibility—taking care of children. Camp counselors gain leadership skills everyday by leading a group of campers, teaching a specific activity, leading a special camp event, or getting campers to their activities on time.

Love Your Job–Let’s face it, not all jobs are fun but working at camp is bound to be an awesome experience. Counselors work hard but do it while singing around the campfire, teaching a sport, living in a bunk with campers at overnight camp or dressing up in red, white and blue for July 4th activities.

Get Paid to Be Silly–Being silly is valued at camp. What other job can you get wet in the carnival dunking tank, do a performance at the staff talent show, or participate in a wacky camp theme day? The fun times at camp are endless and having fun is an important part of the camp counselor job.

Be a Role Model–Camp counselors automatically become role models to children at camp. Campers look up to their counselors and turn to them for support throughout the summer. Camp counselors often make an indelible mark on the lives of children without even knowing it.

Work with Other Young People–What other job do you get to work among so many people the same age? Camps employee 100+ camp counselors each summer, making it easy to make new friends with people from all over the world.

Learn to Problem Solve–While each camp has a set schedule each day, inevitably, things will happen that weren’t’ planned for. Maybe a soccer game gets rained out and the game will need to pivot indoors. Perhaps the activity planned just isn’t working out with the campers and the activity needs to be rethought. Each day is filled with problem solving moments—a skill that will be needed in any future job.

Make Friends for Life–Camp friends are the best of friends. Whether working at a day or overnight camp, camp counselors become part of a community where they participate in activities together, eat together and at overnight camp, live together. There is a closeness that occurs among staff members that can’t be duplicated at any other summer job. Just like campers, counselors often leave summer camp with many new friends for life.

Be supported–There isn’t another first job where your child will be as supported as at camp. Camp directors are youth development professionals and care about young people’s success. Counselors are given real time feedback on the job and will learn from people who are truly invested in their personal and professional success.