Two McDonalds employees stabbed in breakfast time attack

Police say the suspect is still at large in the stabbing of two McDonald’s employees.

| 14 Feb 2023 | 03:46

Two employees at a McDonalds restaurant in Midtown were stabbed in a breakfast time attack on Feb. 13 by an unknown assailant.

The stabbing occurred at 8:03 AM, at a McDonalds on the corner of West 46th St and 6th Avenue. The perpetrator displayed a knife after engaging the two employees, a 32-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man, in an unknown dispute, according to police.

He slashed the female employee in the shoulder and the male employee in the arm. Police responded to a 911 call about the dispute, and EMS transported the victims to Bellevue Hospital. The nature of the dispute remains unclear.

The attacker was seen escaping on foot southbound on 6th Avenue but has not been apprehended. Other employees at the McDonalds location did not comment on the incident. Both victims are reported to be in stable condition.