First, Do no Harm My Story

| 16 May 2016 | 05:22

As usual, a lot to “get out there” – last column’s promise to follow up on Senior Living columiist Marcia Epstein’s “When Children Drift Away” column and now the news of 44 year-old NYPD Inspector, Michael Ameri’s suicide. And a friend emails a N.Y. Post piece needing big-time attention about the LED street light invasion turning night into day, mostly to save money, and secondly to save some energy. Now I’m all for the latter, unless it does harm. Unless it does harm! But first we need to hear about when “When Children Drift Away,” and the suicide of NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri. Both such tragic subjects, and in need of more attention than usually received.

Thank you, Marcia, for alerting us to The Jewish Community Center’s recurring forum, “Walking on Eggshells, where the wide range of issues which come up between parent and adult children are addressed though interactive discussion.” Call 646-505-4400 for more information. Ah, if only such heart of the matter forums were offered at senior centers especially – and in general, were often discussed. And I hope more columnists join Marcia and me in writing about the literally crying need for adequate and caring exchange between adult offspring and their parents. The stories need to be told and the conflicts or flawed priorities to blame for its absence, need to be candidly discussed – not walked away from. Intervention is often a need.

And surely more must be said about the suicide of 44-year-old NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri, apparently concerned about what seem to be relatively minor corruption charges. First, men are so vulnerable – they don’t share their problems nearly enough. Ameri was so young and with a 14-year-old son. How endlessly devastating for parents and, of course, for the son in his growing up struggles and beyond. Again, suicide deterrents need infinitely more said about - sharing of problems, and about the endless and special kind of sorrow loved ones suffer from a suicide death. Remember most Inspector Ameri’s exemplary record in a most dangerous profession, which nowadays especially doesn’t get the thanks, or even the respect it deserves. More needs to be said about that- and in general - and also how alcohol use can spike abnormal feelings of despair.

About the urgent need to stop turning night into day with those super-glaring LED streetlight bulbs, the subject of Beckie Strum’s May 14th N.Y. Post story, “Not so Bright Guys! City’s Light Switch. (I’ll email to you on request). Okay, so the mayor is, at long last, listening to citizens whose streetlights have been converted to LED bulbs, which invade their homes at night so they cannot sleep, and all outdoors now resembles “strip-mall parking lots and a zombie picnic.” So say Brooklyn residents in the online petition signed by hundreds of LED light-oppressed residents.

Hey, let’s weigh in there too, because the whole city is slated for this nightmarish makeover, even though the mayor now says, lower-watt bulbs will be used in the future, but also adds “when needed” for the already converted LED street lamps. H-m-m-m-m. And what is the quality of that modified light. Lights so affect the look and the feel of the city, which now is so restfully beautiful after dark. Street trees also need that cycle of relative darkness. I say, and I hope you will. too, leave well enough alone – save energy healthfully without doing harm.

Related to lighting, which so makes or breaks the look and feel of a place (or a person), reduce the excessive wattage that became du rigueur in my lifetime – in every public place imaginable, not to mention in entertainment venues where it’s just over the top.

And if “efficients” must be used, warm-whites are more humane than the cool-whites.

To be continued, and please, please talk and act it up. By the way this protest is worldwide. And it can succeed if enough of us try.