Poems from Readers

| 18 Apr 2016 | 02:46

    A few weeks ago, we asked for more poems, and even published a piece called “How to Write a Poem” to help you along. Below, three of the submissions we received in response. To submit your poem, visit our web site or email us at news@strausnews.com

    A Fire Across the Street

    A warm summer evening

    On a city avenue

    Piercing sirens alert curious ears

    Inviting neighbors out for a visit.

    Across the street husky engines idle

    While officials gate off crowds

    Who look at the intense inferno

    Speculating at the start of such cacophony.

    Soon curiosity wanes and the introductions begin.

    “Have you met my sister? She’s visiting for the summer”

    “How do you do. I really like your jewelry.”

    “My husband made it for me.”

    “It’s a fine piece of toolery.”

    “How is your summer?”

    “Oh, not so bad. A bit hot though.”

    “It’s been such a long time since we last talked.”

    “Indeed, we must soon chat again. But for now I must go.”

    A birthday party interrupted with cake still fresh

    Sits upon a paper plate while neighbors meet

    To affirm their existence

    During a fire across the street.

    Frank Theodore Koe

    My uncle, Zev, the Brooklyn poet,

    told me, Don’t worry about forgetting

    things you can’t remember, just

    write the damn poem, let it be

    as long as it wants to be,

    then cut off the beginning,

    but he never said why

    I should do that

    nor what I should do

    if the beginning is

    all there is.

    Jules Bacal

    Invisible WallsOh many, many are the jails

    An innocent one can go to,

    There’s the jail of hating everyone

    Because you know that they hate you.

    The jail of being in the hostel bed

    Of your friend who’s getting married,

    When you haven’t even a boyfriend,

    And must pretend to be ecstatic.

    The jail of marrying the wrong man

    Before you make the great announcement

    That the next deed on your list

    Is a single life commitment,

    There are many jails I’ve been in

    And maybe many where I’ll be,

    But if they’re only psychological

    My persevering mind will rescue me!

    Esther Lazarson