Strivers, Retirees and Chicken Wings

| 05 Aug 2019 | 02:39

    Senior sentiments - After reading this column's observance of the proliferation of senior residences in Manhattan, where millennials have ruled the roost, reader J.R. opined, in this slightly edited screed, that there is "No doubt that geriatrics -- including medicine, merchandise, housing, travel, entertainment, even matchmaking -- are a current growth industry. New York City's profile is destined to assume an odd shape to cater to the young ambitious strivers on the one side, and the retired (sometimes tired) on the other. I wonder what will it feel like for those in-between ... to live here in 20 years? Meanwhile, variety and developments in residences are of material interest to me at my stage in life. And everyone should be paying attention."

    Chicken wars - There was a time when chicken wings were the rage. While they are still very much present on bar, pub and restaurant menus, and during Happy Hours, they are getting competition from other chicken parts. At various times, entire menus were dedicated to offering only chicken wings and the restaurants were named accordingly. Think Atomic Wings, Wingz, Wing Stop and Buffalo Wild Wings. Some have more than one location in Manhattan. However, the latest trend is to omit chicken wings from menus entirely. Think Chick-fil-a and Sticky's Finger Joint. Both have locations throughout Manhattan and are opening at other locations throughout the borough. Menu choices at both include chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, but no wings. A Chick-fil-a recently opened on Third Avenue just north of 86th Street, right alongside the Orpheum 86 movie house. Others are in Midtown East, Midtown West and Flatiron. Sticky's Finger Joint is also opening around town, starting with the first, or one of the first, in Murray Hill, another in the Village, and another coming to Lexington Avenue in Midtown East. Can't figure out why the wings craze has lost its mojo (could be that more people have been choking on bones, or maybe clean up is easier and less messy when you don't have to dispose of wing bones, or maybe wings take too long to devour). Whatever the reason, the restaurant trend is eat and run on the cheap - after waiting on a long long line.

    You've got mail - When I bought a sheet of stamps this past week at the post office, it came as a surprise to see the face of President George H.W. Bush, Bush 41, commemorated. The stamp was issued less than a year after his passing. Since 2016, at least one stamp has been issued of all deceased presidents. It occurred to me to wonder if our 45th president would want his likeness on a stamp issued by the government. Or if he will have arranged for his heirs to own the rights.

    Kosher bloc - 34th Street between Park and Madison on the north side of the street has always had at least one kosher restaurant. Now, there are five. Starting at Park, there's Mendy's and Bedford on Park (both in the same space). On the way to Madison, there's Holy Crepe, Tiberius, and Eden Wok. And let's not forget the spiffy looking Dunkin`, formerly Dunkin' Donuts, located right off Park and next door to Mendy's. Although not a restaurant, DD displays its bona fides to be in the bloc with a Kosher Certification. Everything counts, so welcome to the bloc block.