A Sad farewell Letter

| 15 Aug 2016 | 03:43

It has been a hard two weeks since our closing. Has it really been that long? But then sometimes my lovely little restaurant seems like it was only a dream that whooshed away as soon as I awakened.

I haven’t been out much since the auction and know it will be a long time before I am able to walk down 81st Street. The auction was one of the worst experiences in my life, and that includes my bout with breast cancer last spring. The bidders were like scavengers and my restaurant was their prey. Tearing it apart until there was nothing recognizable left. I ended up giving away many items for practically nothing just to keep them out of the hands of the wrecking crew… my barn wood and lights among them. I hoped to spare the bar top which was exquisite but no one was able to get it out before we had to turn our keys in early Friday morning. All the Edison lights were taken by the owner of a local restaurant. I think he took them because I was crying so hard about the demolition he wanted to spare me by saving something I found so beautiful. I am relieved they will have a new home and be appreciated by those who see them.

I have some wonderful photos of the painting of the the name East End Kitchen on the exterior wall above the awning on my computer. (Co-owner) Allan and I are leaving the city for a few days to recuperate from the stress and physical trauma.

I feel sad and lonely without my restaurant and staff so it is nice to hear from someone who cared about what we represented as much I did.

Best wishes,