blaming the bikes Letters to the Editor

| 14 Sep 2015 | 04:11

    Unfortunately, I disagree with Richard Weil’s Letter To The Editor in the September 3-9 issue of “Our Town.” After reading it and the website to which he refers, I believe the data is skewed and/or selective perhaps to justify the programs. One example of reality is: while recently crossing 2nd Avenue in the mid-50s, not one of the approximately seven bike riders, who were riding in the bike lane, observed the traffic light and instead rode through the bike lane against their red light and came within inches of me. So what good are bike lanes if the riders are not observing traffic signals and bike rules? Another example is one that I have written about: food delivery riders. Between 6:30 and 9:00 PM on a weeknight in midtown Manhattan you can observe them darting out from their restaurants to deliver dinner to people working late. They ride against the traffic flow, disregard red lights, and come within inches of people who are attempting to cross the street with the right of way. Whatever happened to the summonses that were supposed to be issued to the restaurant owners when their delivery people violated official bike rules of the road? Plainclothes cops on bikes could easily go after them and simultaneously add revenue to the city by issuing summonses. I don’t know her personally, but I completely agree with Bette Dewing. People, especially senior citizens, should be scared (to use Mr. Weil’s word) and take extraordinary precautions especially at certain times of the day. Pat Nestor

    Richard Weil’s criticism of Bette Dewing’s column concerning bike safety on city streets was both unfair and unmerited. Contrary to what Mr. Weil may believe, Bette Dewing was not trying to scare people nor was she bashing responsible bicyclists in her column, “Older Views and Bike Safety.” She was, and continues to be, the voice of people who are stymied by the City’s lack of concern for the safety of all of its citizens. Mr. Weil cites studies that were conducted in 2010 and 2011, a fact he conveniently failed to mention. The number of bicyclists, skateboarders, delivery men, etc. has increased greatly in the last five years. I challenge Mr. Weil to stand for an hour and watch what occurs regularly at 79th Street and First Avenue. It’s chaos at times and dangerous to everybody concerned. I have nothing against law abiding, responsible bicyclists, but for the safety of all, they need to have licenses for people using anything with wheels on city streets. We need law enforcement to actually issue summonses for people who don’t follow the rules of the road. If you don’t like that idea....then ride your bikes on bike trails in the park and stay out of traffic. Sally Senf

    Richard Weil is wrong and Bette Dewing is right. I am terrified of the many cyclists who ignore safety guidelines, go too quickly, ride in any direction they feel like and show no concern for pedestrians. Last year I was struck by a speeding cyclist who admitted he had no idea that he was supposed to stop for pedestrians crossing with the light. Why don’t cyclists obtain licenses and be required to take a class in bike safety regulations ... maybe even get insurance? I honestly don’t see why the majority of us have to endure all this bike business to please the minority of cyclists, most of whom couldn’t care less about us, our rules, our city etc. How I wish the money spent on bike lanes had instead been directed towards the MTA and spent on improving mass transit. Thank you Bette Dewing for getting your facts and stories “correct”.....and for speaking up. Susan Coleman