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carriage horses are cared for Letters

| 08 Sep 2015 | 03:10

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People who have actually visited the stables and know horse behavior and horse body language have repeatedly said the carriage horses are well-fed, well-cared for and not stressed. As to the 60-70 horses that drop off the Department of Health rolls each year, not every horse is suited to working as a NYC carriage horse. They are an elite group. Some wash out and go on to other jobs elsewhere. No secrecy there. Just facts.

In summary, the protestors have zero equine knowledge but they insist the horses are “sad,” a human emotion, and “stressed” despite the scientific findings.

Susan Samtak

As a horse owner for over 50 years I can attest to the fact that the carriage horses are very well cared for and life in the city is not stressful for them. Horses that cannot tolerate the hustle and bustle simply are not used. Those that are working are doing a job and horses love having a job. Doing away with the carriages means most of the horses will wind up being euthanized or sent to the slaughterhouse; they are simply too large to feed and care for if not working. The people who claim to have places that will provide a home are misinformed. The owners love their horses and it would be terrible to take them away from them.

Gaye Collins

Beautiful iconic horse and carriage, from a bygone era. How fortunate people are, to be able, for a short period of time be able to relive that era. Horses in great shape with lovely carriages driven by capable drivers. I’m amazed anyone could object to something like that, but I guess to the uninformed anything is possible. Please leave these people to do their chosen job. They take great care of their gorgeous horses and equipment. Tell the protestors to go find some wild horses that are currently starving to death with no one to speak for them. Anja Heibloem Stroud.

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