Lori Bores, Mom of Assemblyman, Is Longtime Community Activist Herself

Former tv news writer Lori Bores, despite battling Multiple Sclerosis, continues to be a trailblazer, walking the picket lines with her son last year during the Writers Guild strike, serving as the Zoom coordinator for Community Board 8 and teaching weekly religious educations classes to second graders getting ready for First Holy Communion at St. Ignatius Loyola Church. She’s also a lobbyist for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, NYC Chapter.

| 07 Jan 2024 | 04:05

Mom’s on board--In early 2023, Patch and T-Mobile partnered “to shine a light on awesome moms in the New York City area.” And knowing an awesome mom, because he had one, the 73rd AD’s Assembly Member Alex Bores nominated his mother Lori Bores explaining, in this edited reprise, his reasons.

When asked what made his mom extra special, he replied that “She never let anyone stand in her way. She was a ground breaker in an industry dominated by men (TV news) and she is fearless in dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. She constantly gives back to the community board, teaches religion classes and has spent a career behind the scenes.” In talking about her being his mom, he remembered her flying across the country with him for chess tournaments and attending his sister’s singing and theater performances.

Born and raised In Mt. Vernon, NY, in the house where her mother still lives, Lori got her BA degree from SUNY Binghamton where she was the college Radio Director, and Student Government Treasurer with responsibility for a $500K budget. She moved to Manhattan in 1982 where she has lived ever since.

Her active role in the civic life of the UES essentially began in about 2008 when she was appointed to CB8. At the time, her daughter Anna was a student at PS 6 and then Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was reaching out to local PTAs to encourage and recruit parents to volunteer as community board members so they would have a voice in achieving their goals in education and community affairs. Lori applied. Was appointed. And continues to serve.

In addition to serving on CB8 committees, Lori brings her background and expertise in journalism and communication to their media outreach. She hosts their monthly CB8Zooms webinar where she interviews civic and community leaders, public officials, electeds, decision makers and individuals involved in the fabric of city life and government. CB8Zooms came to be as a result of the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, CB8’s media outreach included CB8 Speaks, which still exists. However, it requires guests to travel to a studio for taping, requires a lot of editing, and isn’t live and interactive. As a result, Lori thought why not simply book a guest at a mutually convenient time, wherever the guest is, and turn on the computer for live virtual interviews. With live virtual interviews, listeners could call in with questions, and it was an easy, no-cost way for the board to communicate with the community. She brought the idea to Russell Squire, CB8 Chair, and Will Brightbill, District Manager, and CB8Zooms was born, with programming on the third or fourth Friday of the month.

With Lori hosting the interviews, CB8Zooms’ guests have included Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, NYS Assembly Members Rebecca Seawright and Eddie Gibbs, City Council Members Julie Menin and Keith Powers. There were webinars on the importance of the arts in a post-pandemic world, as well as discussion about the purpose of CB8’s new Social Justice committee, and guests who talked about a new Yorkville Thrift shop that benefits Ukraine. When Alex Bores was scheduled as a guest, CB8 member Billy Freeland hosted the webinar

Professionally, Lori has worked in media as a writer and producer in TV news. As an educator, she continues teaching IREP (Interparish Religious Education Programs) at Saint Ignatius Loyola Church to 2nd graders from public and private schools throughout the community. About a year after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she founded the Professional Women’s Self-Help Group Team in 2001 and, through annual walks, they have raised more than $1 million. Since 2007, she has volunteered as a lobbyist for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, NYC Chapter, on their Government Relations Committee, which includes lobbying NYS representatives and D.C. legislators on issues of importance to approximately 30,000 New Yorkers living with MS.

Politically, Lori is a member of the Four Freedoms Democrat Club and participates in petitioning, campaigning and other club activities.

As the mom of an elected, Lori understands that, before saying anything in public of a personal nature, she should have the advice and consent of her son’s Chief of Staff. And she did just that at one of Alex’s Town Hall meetings when she coordinated with Bryan McNamara to have the last question, which went something like, “Alex, I love you and I’m so proud of you, and my question is when are you going to give me a grandchild?” Momspeak, which, I’m told, got a laugh.

Her toast at Alex and Darya’s wedding, another momspeak, which didn’t require coordination, was “I want to thank Alex for marrying a nice Jewish girl [Alex is not Jewish nor is Lori]. I have always admired the tradition of a relationship between the parents of two people who marry. So now Boris and Nadya [Darya’s parents] are my machatonim.

Easy to understand that Alex would want to shine a light on his awesome Mom.

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