Meeting, Greeting and Eating with the Judges

| 03 Aug 2022 | 03:00

Judging by food – It’s not exactly a food fight and hopefully there won’t be a floor fight, but those elected as Judicial and Alternate Delegates – I’m among them – get to go to the meet and greets that the judges aspiring to be selected for open seats on NY County’s Supreme Court have to promote their candidacies. This year there are three open seats on the Manhattan bench because three judges – Justices Judith Gische, George Silver, Matthew Cooper – have retired.

Gische sat on the Appellate Division, First Dept., Silver was Deputy Administrative Judge and Cooper sat in the Matrimonial Part. Among those vying to fill their seats are sitting judges who were previously elected to Civil Court and include Sabrina Kraus, Lisa Sokoloff, Phaedra Perry, Judy Kim, Dakota Ramseur, Lou Nock and Lyle Frank. During the year prior to the Judicial Convention, when the delegates vote to fill the three seats, Democratic political clubs hold forums to hear from the judges, learn about their backgrounds, and their decisions.

Forums are held at political clubs throughout Manhattan – East Side, West Side, Midtown East and West, Hell’s Kitchen, Washington Heights, East Village, West Village. I think I’ve covered them all. If not, forgive me. I haven’t, however, forgotten the names of the restaurants where the judges and delegates mingled at the respective meet and greets. Sabrina Kraus’s was at Tara Rosa in the East 20s and at Baylander boat on Harlem’s far far West Side. Yes, there were two. Lisa Sokoloff’s was at The Ellington on Broadway and 106th. Lou Nock’s at Dem favorite, Londel’s on 139th and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Phaedra Perry’s was at Amata, an Italian restaurant on East 56th. Judy Kim’s was at Omali’s, a restaurant and upstairs bar on West 31st St. off Fifth Ave., Lyle Frank’s was at Arte, an UWS favorite and Dakota Ramseur’s was at The Dakota Bar on West 72nd St. I can only speculate as to why a particular restaurant was chosen, except for Dakota Ramseur choosing the eponymous Dakota Bar, although no relation, and Judy Kim choosing a Korean restaurant. No inside info about why the other restaurants were chosen. Food? Location? Politics? The only info I have is that the restaurants were all winners.

The Judicial Convention is happening in early August when the three candidates will be selected to appear on the November ballot. May the best judges win.

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