The Final Stretch in the 73rd AD

| 23 Jun 2022 | 05:18

Voting daze – The voting season’s on. Early voting started on June 18 and runs through June 26. Races include Governor, Lieutenant Governor and NYS Assembly (AD 73), and the candidates in the 73rd AD on the UES and their minions are in the final stretch. They’re out on the streets handing out literature and talking up their respective candidates to would-be voters, explaining why he or she’s the one to keep streets safe, legislate to stop hate crimes, pass stronger gun laws, fund mental health services and advocate or oppose the myriad of issues that plague the city. From the candidates with available campaign funds, I have no doubt we’ll be barraged with more glossies and emails through Primary Day. The glossy mailers and emails have been an almost daily occurrence. When they stop coming, I’ll kind of miss: Alex Bores promoting that he’d be the only Democrat in the Assembly to have a computer science degree. Kellie Leeson’s touting her endorsements from public officials. Adam Roberts promising to create more options for housing and schools. And Russell Squire’s emphasizing that he’s the only candidate who resides in the 73rd. The most fun piece so far has been Bores’s New Yorker magazine look-alike foldout. The most over-the-top mailer was Squire’s asking what his three opponents had in common.

A disappointment to the candidate collective is that Rep. Carolyn Maloney didn’t make an endorsement in the race, but that gives any of the candidates the opportunity to use a photo with or quote from her in making their bid to voters. Each candidate is supporting Maloney in the upcoming August 23 Congressional primary against Jerry Nadler.

While the winner of the 73rd AD race is generally considered to be the presumptive new Assembly Member, there’s a Republican on the November ballot, David Casavis.

Note: May Malik, a fifth candidate in the race, has withdrawn from the race, but her name remains on the ballot.

Voting matters, so check the NYC Board of Elections website before going to vote to make sure there are no changes to your polling place:

Back to the block – While countless businesses have gone under since and during the pandemic, it’s heartening to see that some local businesses are expanding within the same area. Excel beauty salon on 86th St. between First and Second Aves. recently opened another salon on Lexington Ave. between 88th and 89th Sts., replacing another beauty salon which relocated nearby to the corner of 90th and Lexington. Same kind of business, different owners. Competition, yes. But still in business. And that’s what counts, right?

Lucky corners – The owners of Bocado on the corner of 87th and Lex have another corner success with Yasouvlaki on the corner of 88th and Third. The classic Greek blue and white colored storefront is busy throughout the day and evening. There’s seating inside. Seating outside. Seating in front of the storefront on Third as well as on 88th. And there’s shed seating in both locations. Yasouvlaki’s a success! Good food. Good service. Clean. Friendly. At last, the block’s back.

This story has been updated to reflect that Kellie Leeson, the Working Families Party candidate, has not withdrawn her WFP candidacy.